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Well played Neil, well played...
There may have been similar post about this already, and forgive me if there is, but I just finished reading "Anansi Boys" less than an hour ago and I'm still quite excited about it all. Also, this post contains some SPOILERS concerning the story,

At first I was having a hard time getting into the story, would pick it up now and again and read for a while, but never really felt the drive to read on into the night. That's right up until Spider kissed Rosie on the street while Fat Charlie saw it from the other side. From that point on I felt a bubbling sensation start to build up inside me, slowly increasing my distaste for Spider.

When it got to the point that Fat Charlie saw their silhouettes up in his room through his window, I hated the story. I was angry the entire time I was preparing to go to bed that night. I couldn't believe how big of a douche-bag Spider was that he would have sex with his brothers fiancé. That is a subject matter that just makes me sick. But as much as I hated the story at that point, there was NO WAY that I could stop there and let that haunt me without knowing the end results.

The slow start then shotgun blasted itself into a full scale invasion into my every thought. I couldn't put the book down from that point on and never have I finished a book as fast as I did with this one.

My dislike for the story pulled a full 180 and I was very excited about it all. Even though I still don't approve of what Spider did, and was glad he got a good whooping, my feelings towards him started to mellow out. Fat Charlie made me real happy in the end!

This is my first post on this forum, so I might have dragged on a bit much, but whatever. Anansi Boys really stirred up me up inside and in the end left me more than satisfied. Neil Gaiman sure knows how to give life to his characters and get his readers going.
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I had the exact same experience. After those parts of the book... I was so angry and upset that I couldn't let the book be.

I think though, that by the end, Spider gets what he deserves... but he also ends up getting better than what he deserved in living with Rosie.

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