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mr Nancy's funeral
do anyone of you guys think the some other gods came to Nancy's funeral?, I would like to think that Shadow, Czernobog came to his funeral.

because in my mind I would to like to think that Czernobog was friends with Nancy.
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Hmmm . . . hadn't thought about that. I would say they didn't come because he's not really dead. Is he?

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That, and also I don't know how much the gods will go out of their way to attend another god's funeral. Like, no-one attended mad Sweeney's funeral (the ones present at the wake were already there so they were kind of forced into it). Granted, Mad Sweeny is a much minor god compared to Anansi, but still, I'm thinking maybe the other gods have too many problem son their own trying to keep going to attend other gods' funerals. Or maybe they find them to depressing.

But mostly I think that it was because he wasn't really dead.

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I vote not really dead, too. What better way for an immortal to break worldly ties?

A thought: Do gods ever really die? I mean, look at Easter. Nobody she talked to seemed to know what/why they were celebrating. And I'd have to look it up, but I remember something about pixies or piskies brought to the New World by belief and then being abandoned. Tanya Huff's Blood series presents the idea that as long as somebody remembers that the god ever existed, no matter how obscure, then that god can never die. Maybe that idea is at work in AG as well.

EDIT: Oops, I turned this into an AG discussion! Probably because both books deal with gods amongst mortals. Sorry...Red Face

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I'm with the idea that he isn't ACTUALLY dead.
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Just resting. Definitely. I'm waiting for him to come back.


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It actully comes to Mr. Nancy at end to the book and he says he's going to take a nap for 20-25 years and then check up on his children and grandchildren
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