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Years ago: When I read American Gods I was on my way to the wedding of my girlfriend's friend.
We flew from London to Chicago, and as I read I found that I was following the route of the book. We stayed at our friends place in Chicago for a couple of nights before we travelled to the wedding venue.
I lay in bed and had just read the part describing the driving directions into Madison. I got up and walked into the kitchen to ask where the wedding was (I had no idea and to that point I had not asked. I had left it to my girlfriend to arrange the trip).
It turned out that the wedding was in Madison and Sarah our friend repeated the directions into the town that I had just read in the book, ‘from the freeway take the second turn not the first’.
I drove along the way seeing signposts for The House on the Rock.
Freaking me out…

After the wedding we flew to Las Vegas I could not have planned it better.
I proposed to my girlfriend (now Wife)

I had a copy of Anansi Boys for over 1 year sitting on the coffee table, I have carried it round in my bag and never even opened it.
I decided to take it to Goa, India with me and my wife.
We were booked into a Yoga retreat and I knew I would have loads of reading time.

My father’s lucky number was 13 and strangely we were booked into room 13.

I unpacked and to give my wife space I went down to the beach, got myself a beer and sat down to read the book.
I decided I would take it to page 13 before I went back to my wife.
Once again Mr, Gaiman you managed to freak me out ‘BIG’ style.
My father was a Pro-Wrestler (old school) and the description of Fat Charles Dad was so close to that of my old man it was unreal. Dad was a full of life character, always charming the women and petting them and to my embarrassment they always loved it. I don’t know how he got away with it. His trade mark was a big cigar and he had one in his mouth 24/7.
He also played the organ / keyboard that was also an embarrassment and one tune was his particular favourite. He played it over and over and over again it drove us all mad, except for the ladies who apparently loved it.
He passed away a few years ago and we had the track played at his funeral.
So when I got to page 13 and the song was ‘Yellow Bird’ I nearly choked on my Bottle of Kingfisher.

Brilliant book I loved it, was it just coincidence, or is Neil Gaiman a literary Derren Brown.

Than You,
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Oh Wow. That must have been quite a shock! He is definitely one of those writers who manages to get into your head and write things you think but never voice but this is amazing.
I think I'm going to have to go and listen to Yellow Bird now.


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