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there's a guy I know...
I have a friend, who for privacy's sake, I'll call "Bob." The way that Fat Charlie behaves at the end of the book is pretty much the demeanor of a Bob clone. I'm dead serious. He wears a green fedora to school and he sings like a god and he's extremely (sometimes scarily) unpredictable and perceptive. Bob claimed, when he was about halfway through the book, that he acts like Spider from time to time (which I haven't really seen him do), and that he's never done things akin to working for Grahame Coats. He's rather good with bladed weapons, though I've never seen him shoot his bow, so I find it probable that he'd simply kill Coats.
By the by, I met him through our high school theater program. He won't be at my school when next year starts, but he and I are in ____'s teen production of Seussical this summer. Our school won like five trophies at this huge choir competition in Virginia (they flew the choirs down there) and ended up placing as the best adolescent choir that went.
He's also got that kind of...whimsical demeanor so many people who Dungeon Master and act possess. His D&D group is awesome fun. I may post a pic later if I can find one and he says he doesn't mind.

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It's very possible that we've all seen "Bob" <--plus or minus the fedora- at some time.

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Sorry this is sort of stupid, but I was also in a production of Seussical, so... who were you in the play?

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I don't think you'll get an answer from Miss French. Her post (Her only post ever on the board) is over three years old.

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