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I discovered Neil while traveling; I do a lot of that. My first audio book was "Stories". I have listened to that book or certain stories multiple time and I've been working my way through the entire catalogue for the past three years. Several months ago I listened to Anansi Boys narrated by Lenny Henry and can't stop talking about and referring others to it. Several days ago I asked Mr. Henry when he would next narrate for you. His reply was, whenever you ask him...so I'm requesting you "ask" him. That story was, like most of your writings,magical with this one, for me, near the top. Please, please, please consider Mr. Henry for another(s) project currently in the works or still working it through in your head...you seem to do a lot of that and then share your process. Those candid thoughts make the story more personal to me because that's how I work as well.

Finally...I read somewhere that Anansi Boys will be made into a movie starring Brad Pitt...I'm American, I respect his work but in my opinion he would be totally mis-cast. If you have any say in this rumored project, please rethink that cast member...I can't imagine where he would fit because I can't see him playing a secondary character. It sounds as if the "talking heads" have not read or listened the book...kind of like your story about John Belushi's motel (I don't recall the exact title). Leave it to Hollywood to screw things up but please not this story! Just my two cents. Thanks!
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I agree with you wholeheartedly. Lenny Henry is and will always be Fat Charlie Nancy to me.


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