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a really useful book
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I got my copy of a really useful book today. It's nice but the damn pen that's included is not working (I keep pulling it apart and changing batteries which were also included) and all I get is a dim light (and yes I've tried it in a dark room).
Is anyone else having problems?

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ooh, i've gotta get one!
didn't know they were already being sold.
do you think they might swap you for a working pen back at the store whiskey?

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Actually, I'm having trouble with mine, as well.

I picked up mine at my local shop a couple days ago, and i've been fiddling with the pen since i got it, unable to make it give off ANY light whatsoever. Swapping out isn't really an option, as it's the only copy my local shop was getting - i asked them to get it for me specifically.

Very aggravating - I've checked the charge on the batteries, and they're all good, all eight of them (the ones in the pen and the extras) but i'm still getting nothing.

Great idea, i'm just sad it isn't functional Frown
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Only sounds like Keith Flint
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damn i was thinking of getting one but if they dont work...
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mine works...
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Hi. I'm sorry I've been away for about a week from the gaiman blog and now I have no idea what this "a really useful book" is. Confused Can someone please tell me the full detail of this book and where I can get one? FrownIt seems really interesting even though everyone seems to having trouble with the black light pen that comes with the kit. My email addy's Thank you. Smile
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the really useful book is like a journal. It comes with a pen that writes in ink that can only be seen using the black light on the end of the pen. There are also little tidbits of advice in this invisible ink already in the book, written by neil. I never got my pen to work either, but I know who I'm going to bug about it soon, since he got his to work...

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A neat idea... but if they don't much work, it seems like a waste of cash...

I'll stick to the book I already carry, with it's pencil thanks...
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From Neil's blog, Sunday, September 19th:
Dave McKean had the same complaint, and he wasn't the only one. I've been told that replacing the batteries in the pen normally fixes the problem -- the pens have somehow run down while waiting, and they do ship with a bunch of little replacement batteries.

But the people who seem happiest are the ones who've gone out and found black-light flashlights for themselves that work much better than the one the book came with.

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i think mine was turned on, on the flight home from chicago...the batteries died. i'm gonna find one of those wee UV flashlights i htink too.

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