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How come there was never a Mirrormask novel?
I did some extensive web searching, but failed to find an actual novelization (or adaption or whatever you care to call it) of Mirrormask.

I like to read the books afterward, because they provide added detail not shown in the movie.

So, why didn't Mirrormask get a book (like Neverwhere)?.
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Well, there was this.

When asked a different question, he does manage to answer yours a bit:

Q:I hope this isn't rude but I have the Mirrormask script book (which I loved) and at the end it has the story you first wrote to Dave McKean about (The Mirror and the Mask) and then the story that Dave McKean came up with instead (MirrorMask) and the emails you and he sent each other, & the way I read it MirrorMask is obviously his story. My question is, will you ever tell *your* story, about Lenore and the changeling and the fairy world so on? It felt like magic. Maybe as a graphic novel??

Neil: I don't think so. MirrorMask was very much Dave's story from the start (it was a dream he had) but I think I used enough of my story in there -- the block of flats, Valentine as a character, the two girls becoming one at the end (even though it's not the way I'd originally imagined it), helping a sick parent -- that I think that, even though it and MirrorMask are very different, it would feel too familiar somehow (in addition to which I realised one I reread it for publication that I'd actually taken my favourite moment in it from Jack Vance's lovely story "The Moon Moth").

And there is also this:

Neil: Last night I was on a roll, doing the MirrorMask "graphic novella" (which is what they're calling the picture book version). I'd sort of planned to do a 2,000 word, WOLVES IN THE WALLS like book. Instead, I've written a 12,000 word version of the story for it, entirely from our heroine Helena's point of view, which is sometimes the way of things -- one starts out on something that was meant to be an easy sort of instant novelisation and it turns into something quite different, bigger and odder and probably much cooler. It's more like a companion to the film now: you'll learn stuff that isn't in the film from it, and it untangles a few things that otherwise you might have to see the film five or six times to understand (although because it's all from Helena's point of view, it completely misses out any scenes she isn't in). And yes, it was a lot more work than I'd expected, but I'm prouder of it than I would have been of the book I had in mind when we agreed to do it.

Hope that helps!

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