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Original McKean & Gaiman art for sale
There was an auction link. - now it's gone

For Auction: ORIGINAL "CLIVE BARKER'S HELLRAISER" COMIC ART PAGE, featuring art by DAVE MCKEAN and text by NEIL GAIMAN, making this one page a collaboration of the three most significant names in Horror Fantasy.

This is from the story WORDSMITH, and is one of the incredibly rare teamings of Dave McKean and Neil Gaiman on interior comic book work. This is also color McKean artwork, which I've never seen for sale on eBay before.

The art is mixed media, with text overlays on hand painted-scratched / altered photographs, which is the medium for which Dave McKean is best known and respected. This page is of course one of a kind.
It is also signed by both McKean and Gaiman.
It was published in issue 20 of Clive Barker's HELLRAISER comic book.

The detail of image#2 shows the signatures and a close-up of the most significant panel of the story, featuring the word, "Hell." Those familiar with this story know that this is the most significant page you could possibly own from this particular collaboration of Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean, and the fact that it also links back to Clive Barker makes this an incredibly important work of art.

There is a reserve price on this auction consistent with a piece of this importance, but incredibly low for the actual value (especially when considering that b&w non-Gaiman pages usually sell for $1500+).

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