First and foremost I have to admit that I had never heard of Neil Gaiman before yesterday, forgive me my sins. It was a Saturday in New York after a rather debauched Friday night (my boyfriend's birthday) so we decided to do something low-key, involving as little alcohol as possible. Hence going to see Stardust at the cinema - and boy am I glad we did... I LOVED it! I have to admit I wasn't expecting much as as I mentioned before I had never heard of Neil's work and being a big fan of fantasy (Tolkien, Pullman, Rowling, Isabel Allende among others..) and I wasn't really sure it would live up to my previously garnered high expectations. But it did - and surpassed them I might add. The story was refreshingly accomplished in its fairytale endeavours as well as being funny and highly imaginative. The casting was superb and the locations magnificent (was it Scotland or New Zealand?) and I left feeling pleased with its very happy 'happily ever after' and not in the least cheesed off. Not all films demand a sequel thank god, it was just nice to feel satisfied with an all-encapsulating ending. I'm now off to buy all of Neil's books from Barnes and Noble (I'm a Brit living in New York!) to see what other works of wonder and magic I can lay my hands on.

So thanks Neil, I'm now a big fan and will be reading this site with avid interest from now on ...(needless to say I'm also an aspiring fantasy writer!)
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Hi Ellie

Welcome to the board.

I'm really glad you enjoyed the film and hope it is the start of a long and happy relationship between you and neils other works and the board (speaking of magic and wonder I personally recomend the graphic novel - the books of magic Smile )if you pop over to the Worlds End, thats where the social chit chat happens.

I do need to tell you however that neil himself doesn't read the board, so if you want the message to reach him directly you'll need to go here.

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