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I just saw Stardust!(also,n.g. footage)
I'm always skeptical when viewing a film adapted from a book because they're never quite as good, as we all know. Especially when it comes to a book that isn't just a book, but a work of art written by Mr. Neil Gaiman. But..

I just got back from seeing Stardust and if I didn't have to go straight to work from my computer I'd go and see it again. It was amazing and hilarious and every other word associated with the two. I absolutely loved it.

I also am utterly infatuated with Neil Gaiman. I love him. And if you love him as much as I do, you might enjoy this:

It's a YouTube's user that has revent footage of Neil talking about Stardust at Comic-con 2007. You may want to keep an extra pair of pants handy.Smile

Love, B
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thanks for the link, it was great. anyhoo, i have to say i disagree about the way the movie turned out. i mean, it had a lot of good stuff to it and i simply loved Billy the goat, but the last quarter or so i watched in mounting horror over the artistic liberty and don't get me started about what the script-writers call dialogue. i can't tell you how relieved i was when i realised mr. gaiman had virtually nothing to do with it. sorry to take this out on you dear, but a purist fan can't always expected to keep a lid on it, eh? ;3

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i love films that are made to the true nature of the book. even if that means its a 5 hour film with intermission.
they made stardust too universal. thats to say ok for kids. its not a bad thing but when the writers have stripped away the core, the emotion, the soul of the book it just becomes pointless - another disney movie.

for a kids film - or someone who cant read then its probably a fantastic movie. but i was uncomfortable with the changes - stardust is my favorite novel of neil's. it has this ability to move the reader into the story, the vividness of his imagination takes you into wall and over it into faerie and stormhold. the film left me somewhat lost. i was disappointed.
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And since when were the pirates the main characters in the book? I also cannot stand Claire Danes. Every time she opens her mouth I just cringe. There is a reason she hasn't been seen since that fiasco of Romeo and Juliet (mainly that it starred two of the worst actors in Hollywood). The movie left out some of my favorite parts of the book, especially the ending. After the disappointments of Stardust and movies like Eragon, I shudder to think of what butchery will occur with The Golden Compass and any future classics. I'm done ranting now.
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Yeah, Stardust... love the novella, was ready to love the film. I liked the casting, the acting, and thought it was beautifully shot. I just thought that they took the heart out of it. It seemed as if the filmmakers were trying very hard to show that they knew it was just a silly fantasy film. And you know what? They convinced me. I didn't care about the characters, or worry about them at all. I didn't hate or fear the villain. In fact I had very little emotional response at all to this film. I don't mind changes in general, (I quite liked the pirate storyline, actually) I just wanted to feel that the people who were telling the story cared about it.
The sad thing is that I think they did it in an attempt to make the story "kid-friendly" or some such nonsense. When I was a kid, the stories I loved were the ones that weren't afraid to take themselves seriously. Because they mattered. And I think stardust is a beautiful story that just deserved a little bit more from the filmmakers.

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