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Hi All,
I'm new to Gaiman (unless you count Good Omens), having just seen Stardust last week. Loved it and went straight online to order it. Was wondering if anyone could suggest a reading order for me of Neil's other books? Considering that I enjoyed the film, and like fairy tales, and comic fantasy.
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hi batty

i'm glad you made it to the boards, and for reading recomendations i'd suggest you try this thread... here.

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Personally, I've read Neverwhere and American Gods. I recommend them both highly. Since Gaiman's book aren't serial in nature, I don't think it really matters what order you read them in. Sandman is another issue, of course, but I have personally only read a couple of the Sandman graphic novels, so I can't really comment on them.

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The Books of Magic. Spin-offs of those, inspired by but not actually [penned by Mr Gaiman, The Books of Faerie. American Gods, if you enjoy mythology, especially Norse. Sandman - I'd say they're essential reding for everyone on the planet. Short story collections: Angels and Visitations, Smoke and Mirrors, Fragile Things, all of which have some fantasy stories. Of all Mr Gaiman's works though, I think the one that constitutionally bears the closest resemblance to Stardust is the graphic novel The Dream Eaters (working from memory here, I may be wrong about that title) which is a beautifully wrought and illustrated Japanese love story between a monk and a fox. Need I say more?

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I love Neverwhere... have you read it or heard about it? It's the first book I ever read by Neil Gaiman! It is awesome! Razz
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Neverwhere is wonderful!

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