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when tristan becomes a mouse
I was just wondering what kind of mouse he is, if anyone knows? He was so freaking cute, with his bulgy eyes and fluffy tail. Big Grin
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No clue. I wondered that too, and figure he may be a special kind of mouse since he is actually a human transformed. Like when his mother becomes a bird and is sort of like a jay but has that funny topknot thing. He might intentionally be made a little different from normal mice so that you can tell he's enchanted.

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In the book he was a dormouse, but I don't know if that's what it was in the film.

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Still a Dormouse

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I wondered that during the movie and forgot to ask. the mouse was a good actor Razz

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It's a sugar glider. That's why it was so well trained, they are easily trained and some look like mice at the right angle. the first scene were you see the glider, you can kind of see the skin between the arms and leg. They needed something that looked like a doormouse, but that can be worked with easily
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