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StarDust and Beyond?
Hello Smile

First of all, let me start with an apology.
I'm not a native English speaker, and probably you will find this post a bit rough :-)
Also - please have a note this post might include few movie/book spoilers.

I wanted to share a strange feeling I'm having since I watched StarDust - The Movie (and from few talk I did, I'm not that only one)
Probably a lot of you will think I'm a weird-guy with no grip in reality.
Some of you will find what I have to tell fascinating,
And maybe small amount of you, will understand or even "connect" to what I'm about to tell.

6-7 years ago (roughly) I read StarDust. This days I can't really remember the exact storyline of the book, but I do remember StarDust as "heart-warming experience".
Thats why I was thrilled when I heard they going to make a film about it. I hoped the film will be able to pass on the same "Heart-Warming" feeling the book had.
Today I went with few friends to watch the movie.
I was very surprised.
I have seen a lot of "Fantasy" movies in my life. From the happy, lighted "Princess Bride" sort, to the darker stories like "Lord of the Rings".
Yet - no movie left a unique feeling like StarDust left.

Let me start with one of the major reasons that made StarDust the amazing movie it is - Claire Danes (Yvaine).
Yvaine is doing something I don't remember any fantasy character was ever doing. She makes you fall in love with her during the movie.
At first, it starts from the visual aspects (Noble Looking, pretty, the very cute "Shining" effect) and go deeper as the movie advance (Funny, sensitive and caring).
But let us try think about "Claire Danes" out of the scope of Yvaine. I have seen Claire Danes in the past (in few movies) and she never charmed me the way she did on StarDust.
So probably - this "Falling In-love" feeling a lot of people has, have no connection to the "Real-Life" Clair, but rather to the "Yavine" Clair Danes. This is quite unique, since you "Fall In Love" with something that not really exists - a faction.

Then comes to play "Fearie" as a world and StarDust storyline.
StarDust is idealization of things. Few themes a lot of people always wanted: Semi-Magical World with Flying Ships, discovering there is more in you then meets the eye, finding a true pure love, etc etc.
The movie try to bring this aspects to "Perfection".
It made me thing where my life are, compared to the idealization of Fantasy/StarDust.
I'm a normal guy. I'm doing enough money to live with, have a full time job, friends, books, local pub nearby..
But I always had this feeling something around me is missing, the things we read on books.
StarDust made me take a step back and have a look on the way I'm living. Am I slave of modern-life? Am I doing what I'm doing just because of daily routine? Is "True-Love" do exists? Did we maybe "Lost" something because today's modern living?

Or perhaps, "True-Love", "Adventures" and smiler themes are something fantasy books created in order to compensate the lack of this things in real life? Maybe Gaiman and other fairy-tell writers fooling us with just highlights?

This probably didn't came that way I wanted it to sound. Might be the problem of sharing feeling in text for or maybemy problem to express myself in non-native language Smile

But anyway - a movie that actually shakes your world and make you think about your outside life - is something you don't see anyday.

Thanks for your time :-)
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