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I have yet to see the movie myself and am itching to go see it. I have a seven and a four year old that want to see it because I read them books of this genre... they are interested in witches and faeries and magic and unicorns, ect. Plus I have read Stardust at bedtime. Is it appropriate to bring them to this movie? They have seen and enjoyed PG-13 movies before... they like the comic book movies, ect. I just wanted to hear other voices on teh topic before I make a mistake and bring them to the theater.
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Lamia, the witch, is pretty frightening in parts simply because she changes from a beautiful woman into a mean old hag - my experience is that some kids get weirded out by people changing like that.

Apart from that, there are princes getting killed in various gruesome (generally off-screen) ways, and you see their ghosts long afterwards, all bearing the scars of their deaths. There are few other slightly frightening moments, but nothing else that stands out as nightmare-inducing.

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We took our almost seven year old to see it with us (me and hubby) and he said he wasn't scared. He certainly hasn't complained about nightmares. I only had some problems with him playing with his plastic sword in the house Smile

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Well they pretty much cut out any things that might be inappropriate for kids (I thought anyway). The example that stands out for me the most is the scene where Yvaine falls to earth. They don't have her saying "fuck".

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