Edgar Oliver
Does anyone know where on the interwebs I can find out more information about this most fascinating man? I've just googled Mr Oliver after I watched that video Mr G posted in his blog, and all it comes up with is a link to the video on YouTube.

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found this...

Edgar Oliver Axis credits include: USS Frankenstein, A Glance at New York, Seven in One Blow, Julius Caesar, Frankenstein, Oppenheimer, Welcome Houdini, and the Hospital series. Edgar's own plays have been staged in many downtown theatres in New York. His novel, The Man Who Loved Plants, published by Panther Books, is available in bookstores or online at www.goodie.org. He will soon be appearing in two independent feature films, That's Beautiful Frank and the Axis Company production Henry May Long.


ths one includes two other videos
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How did I miss this?

I saw Edgar Oliver at the NYC Moth event that Neil had been at, and MY GOODNESS. Mr. Oliver was.... perplexing at first, but after a couple of minutes one realized what a fabulous story teller he was and what a charmingly odd life he's been living. He had the audience enthralled.

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Edgar Oliver has written and will be performing in "East 10th Street" at Axis Theatre Co. starting 11/6/08. More information is at http://www.axiscompany.org/mainstage.htm. If you enjoy Edgar's storytelling (his voice!) this is not a show to be missed!

In "EAST 10TH STREET: SELF PORTRAIT WITH EMPTY HOUSE", long-standing, downtown theatre icon Edgar Oliver takes the audience on a fantastic voyage through the strange rooms of the apartment house where he has lived since his first years in New York. Inhabiting the dark, mysterious halls of an East Village tenement building are a dwarf Cabalist, a possible Nazi, the landlord's former wet nurse who apparently lives in a nest of rags, and many other memorable persons. Edgar leads the audience up to the final room, his own, at the top of the derelict stairs, wherein lie the secrets of his own family and the unbelievable odyssey that brought him there. This incredible cast of characters illuminate the sad, funny, brilliant and deeply personal story.
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