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Bees in the Bell Jar
As I read about the bees and the bell jar I thought that the phrase had a great ring to it. I thought the phrase was a nice (meaning precise) metaphor for how we all work hard with what we are given in order to keep up appearances even though we have no idea who is watching, who is judging our actions, and because we are thus ignorant, we are happy to keep working and content with our place in the world and our sphere of influence.

So, there you have it, whatever it is worth.
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It is a lovely phrasing. Thanks for reminding me that I meant to read this, but didn't have time and tonight I have nothing but time.

I hope that if he gets a hive in the bell jar that he posts pictures.

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oh dear, poor Hive!

I like it maybe 63 percent!
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Fabulous Lorraine says that the honey from the Neil-Hives took two blue ribbons at the county fair today!

Fandangling across the moony sky,
went the Beezee bold as brass,
side-saddle she sat, on a big painted bat,
shooting moonbeams out of her a(censored)e.
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I prefer to live in a country that's small, and old, and where no one would ever have the NERVE to wear a cape in public, whether they could leap tall buildings in a single bound or not.

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