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FAQ: Nudity
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No nudity may be posted in the general forums except by labeled link. Even then, the moderators reserve the right to limit the pictures that are so linked and can and will remove them at any time. This is because so many people check the boards from school or work. Linked photos still can't be explicit. It's hard to define boundaries, so use your best sense.

Flame Wars is more lenient. Flame Wars is not work safe. In Flame Wars, any picture it would have been OK to post with a link in the general forums may be posted. Pictures that would not have been OK to link to still may not be posted. Although posting such images is currently allowed, an excessive amount of such photos, and threads specifically devoted to such photos, will not be allowed. The mods will delete without notice if we feel we need to.

*No nude images of the posters will be allowed. This isn't a private forum among friends, it's a public website, and the idea of weirdoes stealing images of our friends is not something we like.

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