How come I can't find a list of Neil's dedications anywhere? He may be the only author I read that I look forward to the dedication almost as much as the book. The best one of course being when he dedicates to his teachers who told him to stop daydreaming and making up stories! I love that! So is anybody up for posting a complete list of dedications by book?
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I spoke to our Village Elder who has the most complete version of a list of Neil's writings of anyone I know - which can be found here - Neil Gaiman Visual Bibliography

and he said :

Dedications are not something I have a handy list of. ... But, if they want to know what it was to a specific book, I can check... It's a big chunk of time to check *everything*

So no, if GMZoe doesn't have a list, I very much suspect it doesn't exist.

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...but we can create it here, right?

Okay, Good Omens:

The authors would like to join the demon Crowley in dedicating this book to the memory of GK Chesterton. A man who knew what was going on.

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