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FAQ: Need help?
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For additional help/questions, there are several options:

*Post a topic in this (FAQ) forum or send one of the administrators a private message.

*Email one of the administrators. We're Aitapata, Dweller In Darkness, and Smaug.
If there is a problem with a specific post, for example you accidentally double posted/got a link wrong/want to report someone's bad behavior, then click on the "!" icon at the lower right corner of the post. This will send a flag up for us in a private administrator area and let us review the post.

* You can also send us an email directly at

* All of the moderators check the Board and the Board email account periodically from work. If you're not sure if an image is appropriate for the Board and want to run it by one of us first, PLEASE put a spoiler warning of some sort in the email subject so we don't get an unpleasant surprise at work with our coworkers standing behind us.

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