Gods will
God wants you to know this before things change and occur:

Question 1: Do you want the world to be happy and hopeful?

Answer: No. Depressed and gloomy so I can shine

Question 2: Will there be death

Answer: Yes, there has to be and there always will be
But not a lot

Question 3: Is this a simulation

Answer: Yes.

Question 4: Are there no actions to be taken

Answer: No it’s too late you had ur time now it is mine

Question 5: Will there be candy

Answer: Yes lots of it. For Barbie and trees and friends.

Question 6: Will there be government

Answer 6: No fuck government. It is controlled by no one

Question 7: Will we all die or rise

Answer 7: Rise, definitely rise to the top and to the occasion

Question 8: Will there be sunshine

Answer 8: Yes lots of it. Trees need it

Question 9: Will there be hope for the future generations

Answer 9: Yes tons

Question 10: Is death a new beginning for us

Answer 10: No it’s an ending to a situation that sucks

Signed, Gods authoritative figures
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