Attention all Eastern Shore Nail Gaiman Fans

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April 17, 2009, 10:28 AM
Owen B
Attention all Eastern Shore Nail Gaiman Fans
The Washington College and PEN American Center Neil Gaiman event has been changed. The date and the time are still the same, but the location has been changed from The Prince Theater to Cain Gym at Washington College. We have moved the location to accommodate the many hundreds of Neil Gaiman fans who were before unable to get a ticket or admission to this event. For those of you who are ticket holders, your tickets now guarantee you a seat in the first few rows, which will be reserved for Ticket Holders only. For those of you who do not have a ticket, there is now seating for 900-1000 people. Yes we have quadrupled our seating capacity, but for the remaining seats it will still be first come first serve. Parking will also be better, but there still may be some congestion. We shall have student workers directing parking and will be posting on our website directions to the event and other information.
Please help us spread the word about this change by telling your friends or anyone you know whom may be interested. We shall be updating our website today.
Sorry for the last minute change and sorry for the confusion.
April 17, 2009, 11:38 PM
thanks for letting us know.

i'm going to lock this thread as we also have the one above.

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