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Great wyrm of Toronto
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Maybe it's that you're busy or you have your own personal needs to attend to at the moment. But I just find it convenient how we went from talking a lot to you barely giving me a token response after we physically met. Was it really that disappointing? Did saying that I wanted to do this again really sound that threatening?

Well, I'm disappointed too. And, frankly, I have grown tired of flakes. Your loss.

You can't take the sky from me.
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"The most recent iteration of your god denounced organized religion at large. Are you trying to evangelize me to hell?"

Sammy Leo
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is like fusion cuisine, if Canada can be seen as having a cuisine.
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Wow I'm so happy for you, a retired person with a retired spouse who spends their time traveling on your new boat and road-tripping at your leisure to and from the towns where your adult children have settled, I'm so happy that you (after decades of drinking it) have "quit coffee".
I've literally been drinking coffee only since my son was born.
He is an incredibly high-needs child who wakes up frequently in the night needing reassurance and who was sick on and off (requiring even more time awake at night) for most of his first 3 years of life.
I also have another child who requires my time and energy in the night at times.
Not to mention that I teach, care for, and clean up after both those children all day.
I know for a FUCKING FACT that when your own children were young you drank coffee like you should have had an IV drip of it. Because you'd come over and drink it with my mom. Wink
So fuck OFF with your sanctimonious "I just enjoy a creamy no-caf latte" bullshit because, surprisingly, we (with 30 years age difference) are at completely different stages of life.
Let me enjoy my cup of magic bean juice in peace.

no maps for these places we're lost within
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