thread days feel ... when you for those part2

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January 24, 2019, 02:50 PM
thread days feel ... when you for those part2
Yeah, I whinge a lot lately...

Nothing is bad, exactly, it’s just, low-level suck. Nothing seems to work out right, timing is off for everything, the weather is dire and cold, and I seem to have lost my baking/cooking mojo.

I desperately want to go visit someplace pretty, but can’t justify getting on a plane. TSA workers do not need someone whining about needing a vacation. If I had to fly for work or something, that’d be different, but it just reeks of privilege to go venturing right now. And buying tickets for several weeks in advance... yeah, I dunno how long this shutdown is gonna go on? So yeah, Dear Mr Prez, I would like to be a tourist! Your tantum and the Intractable Turtle are not helping.

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