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I have always loved this poem. I remember sharing it with my story telling class in grad school. I love C. Vess's art work, and I love the little video thing Neil posted in his blog.(Sorry I just had to share)

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I've only heard it, from that clip of Neil reading it. It is wonderful.

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This is one of my favorite stories of all time.
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yeah I loved it too. It's just perfect. And so sweet. I got a quote from there on my siggy right now
There seems to be an aspect of every fairytale in that book.

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It's very cute, I just got a copy for christmas for *me* from my mam, and bought a copy for christmas *from* me to one of my nieces.

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Absolutely adore the story. Wife and I packed up our belongings in storage in June and hit the road for an extended tour of the southwest (U.S.). Brought the illustrated book with us and read it when we began the adventure and periodically throughout to remind ourselves just what it was we had undertaken. We love reading "children's" books for all ages together. Jon J. Muth also one of our favorite creators...
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