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there is a difference between being against using animals to test products and using animals as products. Someone can be for eating rabbit but against squirting toothpaste in a rabbits eye to make sure it's safe. What if we say Babycakes message is 'don't squander your resources'? Or 'animals are more than products'?
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Originally posted by The Lord of Nothings:
Was it "his messege"? I can't see a guy known for his leather jacket and love of sushi as a great champion of animal rights...

THe story was written for a particular organisation. I'm sure he got paid for it. He doesn't have to agree with every detail of their politics to do work for them. In a way its like an advertisment company creating a campaign for some organisation. THey have to create work that expresses the point of view of the company - not their OWN point of view.

Gaiman sometimes do these 'work for hire' things. In a way it may be a way of getting the creative juices flowing - if you're asked to write a story with a particular theme or about a particular subject imposed by someone else, you're forced go in directions you usually don't go.

In the end all parties win. People who're really into animal rights stuff got a useful story they can use for propaganda purposes. Gaiman fans got a weird, chilling horror fable. Everybody are happy!! Smile

- Michael
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Do you all know that Mr Gaiman has written that "Babycakes" is the only work that he has written that has disturbed HIM?

I read it and then read it a few days later again. I will probably now feel this compelling urge to peek once more. I know the point, it's obvious. He did it so vividly who could miss it?

Human beings. So very very clever. When we run out of animals, we will have babies, and when we run out of babies..

Really doesn't every animal at one point, or several, in its life believe it is god above the rest? The only difference is, animals only take what they need. Humans take what they want.

I think it's about more than eating meat, experimenting on animals or wearing leather clothing regardless of who commissioned it.

A lot more. Brilliantly vivid.
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