Edgar Allan Poe Book with Neil Gaiman Intro Contents

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January 14, 2019, 12:25 AM
Edgar Allan Poe Book with Neil Gaiman Intro Contents
So pleased to be a member of this great forum, thanks!

This has been driving me utterly distracted for quite some time. I have to make a decision on an Edgar Allan Poe collection. This one, with an introduction by Neil Gaiman and artwork by Mark Summers, looks great.

I mean, THIS SPECIFIC ONE, with THIS SPECIFIC ISBN, not any other books which may have the same or similar titles, regardless of whether the Table of Contents is the same (which I tend to highly doubt no matter what Goodreads claims).


The trouble with this is two things. There seem to have been two editions, one published by Barnes and Noble in 2004 and another by Fall River Press in 2008. Again, I have my doubts as the Fall River Press edition seems to contain about 30 pages less than the B & N. I would simply go for the B & N, except that one thing really, really irritates me! NO Table of Contents is listed ANYWHERE for this book, not on the publisher's website, not on any seller's site, not on Goodreads, not ANYWHERE.

I tried the Library of Congress, although even if I could access their Online Catalog it might just give the same information as the publisher's site. I can't do any catalog search, however, due to the stupid government shutdown. I tried the British National Library which doesn't seem to have this book. (Shouldn't someone tell them to purchase this book?)

I know one of Neil's loyal fans must have everything he's done and be so kind as to let me know what's in this book! Thanks awfully for any consideration!

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May 15, 2019, 08:33 PM
No longer needed; I have received and read the book.