For a simply wonderful drawing of Cinnamon and the Tiger, by my hugely talented step-daughter Cate Simmons - http://www.flickr.com/photos/s...02031/in/photostream.
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Picture of Smaug
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I love that picture, thank you for sharing.

I prefer to live in a country that's small, and old, and where no one would ever have the NERVE to wear a cape in public, whether they could leap tall buildings in a single bound or not.

the parrot... ...gets tiresome.
the parrot... ...i ate him.

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Cinnamon has been known from remote vestige. It was transported in to Egypt as ahead of schedule as 2000 BCE, yet the individuals who report it had originated from China mistake it for cassia. Cinnamon was so exceptionally prized among old countries that it was viewed as a blessing fit for rulers and notwithstanding for a divine being; a fine engraving records the endowment of cinnamon and cassia to the sanctuary of Apollo at Miletus. Essay writing help despite the fact that its source was kept puzzling in the Mediterranean world for a considerable length of time by the brokers who dealt with the flavor exchange, to secure their imposing business model as providers, cinnamon is local to India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Myanmar. The first Greek reference to Kasia is found in a ballad by Sappho in the seventh century BCE. As per Herodotus, both cinnamon and cassia developed in Arabia, together with incense, myrrh, and labdanum, and were watched by winged serpents.
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