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Thanks guys. Such a tough one, losing a parent. Awful.


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Oh, Motley, I'm so sorry.

Sending you hugs.

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Hugs & love to you & your family, Motley. <3

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Originally posted by Motley:
My lovely dad. On March 1st. He was 96 but wasn't ready. He wanted to reach 103 and we thought he would.

I can't post this on fb but had to come here and tell someone. I'm so sad.

And it's Froggy's birthday today. I'm trying to be strong and happy for her and the family and it's so hard. The only cards which came through the letterbox today were condolence cards.

I'd say fuck death but he didn't like swearing. A gentle, kind, funny, interesting and loving father. I was SO lucky to have him.

Big Hugs to you, hon.


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