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I'm sorry for your loss, Dweller. Frown

*hugs to you*
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*hugs* from me too.

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Originally posted by Dweller in Darkness:
My aunt Carol died last night. I miss her.


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wish i could do this in person

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Originally posted by Dweller in Darkness:
My aunt Carol died last night. I miss her.
You have my sympathies, Jim. You're in my heart today, my friend.


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my condolences dweller

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(not his real name)
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Originally posted by Dweller in Darkness:
My aunt Carol died last night. I miss her.

Frown So sorry to hear about that Dweller. Frown
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Hugs for Dweller and his family.

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I'm so sorry. Love to you and your family.

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thinking of you today

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love and prayers dweller, will be thinking of you today

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*hugs* sorry to hear it, Jim. Thoughts go out to you today.

*is currently impressed*
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I'm so very sorry, Jim. *hugs* and love to you and your family.

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I'm so sorry, Dweller. You're in my prayers. *hug*


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*more hugs from across the pond*

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My condolences and *hugs* to you and yours, Dweller.

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Thanks, all. She was very ill towards the end, in ways that don't warrant repeating, and it was, in its way a blessing that she died, but it's still difficult, particularly since I'll be the only direct family member who won't be able to attend the funeral.

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I'm sorry to hear this Dweller. I'm glad passing on came as some sort of relief to her.

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I'm sorry, Jim. I hope you can find some closure even if you won't be at the wake.


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