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Melittosphex sapiens
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Originally posted by Waspfearer:
Mine does n't seem to work. Frown

It does when I click on it.

"bring on the be-tentacled oppressors" - fluffyllama
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has no knowledge of the Munich Incident, so stop asking
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ah. It does now I'm on a new page!
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So what's with the name?
This is the name I had on this board before I registered. My wife called me that long before I got here and it was just clearer for everyone to know who I was for times when I'd show up and act like I was already part of the conversation.

and the avatar?
I've always had an anime-themed avatar here. For a long time it was Mojo-Jojo (from Powerpuff Girls) reimagined as an anime character. Currently it is seven-pointed array with a flamel, the Binding Circle used by Edward Elric to trap homonculi.
Fullmetal Alchemist. Netflix it today.

You've been here a long time, why is your post count so low?
I don't follow or post in the shift threads.

Why are you never in the shift threads
Chat is for chat. Forums are for topical discussions.

Actually it is a habit from another forum I used to spend the bulk of my time at where chat threads got deleted with extreme prejudice and people obsessed with post counts occasionally would find them reset to negative numbers.

What do you do for work?
Well, I'm a graduate student so the answer could range widely from "nothing" to "oh my God, don't talk to me about work."

What are you studying?
The short answer is "speech-language pathology." The long answer is augmentative and alternative communication, specifically social and play interaction between children with severe disabilities and their non-disabled peers.
I hate long answers. As a PhD student, someone asks you a question and the answer they expect usually averages 30-40 typewritten pages.

Do you have any dating advice?
Never set your girlfriend's sister on fire. Take it from a man who knows these sorts of things first hand.

I don't think I want to ask you for any more advice.
Probably wise.

Formerly known as: 男の子™ (or not, since no one can pronounce that).
"Ecumenicism is the slippery slope that leads to becoming a Democrat." --Dweller in Darkness
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Originally posted by The Boy™:

Do you have any dating advice?
Never set your girlfriend's sister on fire. Take it from a man who knows these sorts of things first hand.

Why does good advice always arrive too late?

Hermits have no peer pressure
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Originally posted by The Boy™:
Do you have any dating advice?
Never set your girlfriend's sister on fire. Take it from a man who knows these sorts of things first hand.

Just to set the record straight, this was not *my* sister. This was before me.

The only really sane person in there is Igor, and possibly the turnip. And I'm not so sure about the turnip.
~~ Terry Pratchett
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Are you a troll?

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Lexis Nexus
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It says you're from Richmond, but I heard your voice on the audioblog thingy. You talk funny.

It says "location", not "place of birth".
And before you say anything else on that subject, just because I talk funny doesn't mean I'm stupid.

Do you really look like your Marten from QC?

Pretty much. I'm a skinny white indie kid.

Why do you call yourself a saint?

I registered on this Board as CountZero, and one day I gave a virtual coffee to Aitapata (before she was a Mod), who said I was a saint, so I added that to my screen name.

What was that Triad deal again?

Myself and the sorely missed Cuchullain and Captain Psyko registered within two weeks of each other, and we all originally had screen names that started with a C. We interacted quite a bit and soon formed an alliance, known as the Ancient Order of the Triad Cartel, or AOotTC. We like Aardvarks.

Why do you like the Amii so much?

I am a loyal supporter. I will be amply compensated when the time comes.

Why do you like music so much?

It can be both entertaining and interesting. It makes pretty sounds.

Why did you join this Board?

I'd just read American Gods and wanted to see what other people thought of it.

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So do you do a lot of drugs?

Well no, Halucigenia sparsa is my favourite fossil and I've never been able to spell.

Fossils huh?

Yeah dead things in rocks, like matt/dave I'm a paleontology freak. I've done postgrad paleontology, evolution and microbiology.

Wait a sec.....microbiology, where did that come from?

Well I'm one of those odd people to double major, did genetics, animal behavour, evolution etc in a biology degree.

So there many jobs out there in paleowhatsit?

Nope which is why I work as a geotechnical engineer, it requires brain function sometimes and pays the bills.

So I see it says you live in London, you really don't sound very limey

I'm one of the many Kiwi's living in london it's handy to have multiple passports!

Kiwi? as in the furry green fruit?

That would be a kiwifruit, kiwi is what New Zealanders call themselves.

Oh cool NZ! so were you in Lord of the Rings?

nope I'm not an actor, I did do a geological mapping exersize around Weathertop though.

so why do you keep arranging your evening in the shift thread?

Well it's cheaper than calling! There is quite a group of us now that live in London and it can be challenging to get ahold of them during work hours.

So you mean you like, hang out with online people for real?

Yeah I've met a surprising number of Boardies in person, and I'm currently living with a boardies brother that got sucked in as a consequence of meeting me.

Ohh gossip! who's brother?

Sillypunk, her brother is Mystery Guest.

So why aren't you around much anymore?

I didn't have internet at two of the last places i've lived over the last few months and I just don't know where my time goes now, too much to organise when I'm not working!

Age/height/eye color?

26/5'10 or 1.75m/blue or blue grey
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Originally posted by Giabow:
Originally posted by The Boy™:
Do you have any dating advice?
Never set your girlfriend's sister on fire. Take it from a man who knows these sorts of things first hand.

Just to set the record straight, this was not *my* sister. This was before me.


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Da Freshest Prince
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Are you really that stupid or are you just pretending?


"Disappear, Vanish, Vanish, into the air, never really here"
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People don't ask me many questions, but here are some things that some people may have wondered about:

What's with the name? Do you really like green?
Yes! And it's my D&D character's name.

D&D? Really?
Yes. Really. With my parents. It's a family thing.

Where does your member title come from?
The "Lady of Pain" one? From a conversation with Dweller about the goddess (sort of) of a city in the D&D universe.

Why don't you post or get into serious discussions very often?
I am always doing various things, many of which involve lurking on the Internet. I read a lot of stuff and say very little. I also don't like getting into discussions online because I can't see or hear the person and that makes it harder to judge emotion, etc.

I try to keep busy in IRL as well...

Do you actually update anything on those links in your sig?
Occassionally. I don't have a lot of time and I'm also rather lazy.

Plus I try to not overly connect my real life and the board, though I am friends with boardies on FB. So there are places where I make cool things and share them, but they're for resumes and such.

Did you draw your userpic?
Yes, and I have more drawings on Photobucket. I also have some more that I need to put up. I love to draw.

Random bits of bio info?
B-day: Feb. 6, Aquarius, Air (If I remember correctly) Height: 5'6" Hair: Dark brown, Eyes: Brown, Meyers-Briggs: INTJ

Are you really as spacey and random as you seem sometimes?
No, that's the lack of sleep. But I do tend to post arbitrarily.

Hobbies? Likes/Dislikes? Favorite book by Neil?
Drawing, reading, watching video, Stage Crew, art, videography, most film related things. Likes: Monty Python, Whose Line, Mock the Week, chocolate, green tea mochi and milkshakes, archery, sci-fi/fantasy. Pretty things, shiny things, music, etc. Dislikes: Writing papers that aren't interesting (even though I'm *supposedly* decent at it), getting up early (night person), large groups of people, the mundane. Favorite Neil book/comic: Probably Neverwhere, with Stardust and Sandman tying for second.

Oh, by the way, who are you? I mean, how'd you get here?
Chomiji is my mom. My whole family is into D&D/Sci-fi/Fantasy/Manga/etc. but not anything on TV.

Where is the People's Republic of Tacky Park?
To the northeast of DC. I can walk to DC.

Where do you get sigs?, random things I hear, movies/books I like. Yes, they are random and pointless.

ETA More:
Why aren't you on/posting very often?
Real life has intruded and my free time has been gobbled up. Apparently friends actually expect you to spend time with them?

What else do you read? And do you watch any TV?
Oh, Diana Wynne Jones, Neal Stephenson, Terry Pratchett... the list goes on. I like manga and Hellboy comics as well... TV, comedy mostly, though I am fond of House and Monk. And Mythbusters. I love Mythbusters.

Why do you like Meyers-Briggs stuff so much?
I feel that it really helps people figure out my strange, introverted personality. I don't even fit in with the people who don't fit in.

You talk about your school sometimes. What is it like and what do you do?
I'm at University now and I do lots of digital media things as well as Psychology and Anthropology.

Stage crew? Why do you love it so much?
1. I get to hang out with my actor and crew friends. 2. I get to do art stuff. 3. It's an extension of my love of being behind the scenes for video stuff.

Don't get to do this as much anymore, unfortunately. I edit videos and hang out in museums instead.

Stop using the words 'stuff' and 'things.' What is with that?
Eh, just a pattern I get into. At least I never picked up the word "like" as some of my classmates have...

You seem young sometimes
I mostly get mistaken for being older than I am. I am quite young. I really don't care that much.

Your postcount is quite low.
I read more than I post. I also often feel that I haven't got much to contribute to the conversation most of the time...

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"The old, defiant chant rose in her mind: If I want, I will learn. If I want, I will fight. If I want, I will live. And I want. And I will.
This was going to be fun." - PC Hodgell, To Ride a Rathorn
Tumbl'n - Let me know if you want to see the portfolio.
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Why Penelopeia ?

Simple, my real name is Pénélope and i'm a french inteligence artificielle.
And also it's how my name is prononced in ancient greek, but that's only for the fashion, cause of Sandman and all...

Where are you from ?

A very old and strange country on the other side of a very large ocean. This country had seen some other very famous people born : Molière, Racine, Lafayette and it's France.

But how the hell did you get in here and when ?

Well I first logg in here on the day the board opened back in june 2001, under the name of Penpen but lost my password so i logged again as Penelopeia. And i found it when i discovered Neil Gaiman website and was about to go to london for the FP signingin july 2001;

Do you really think France is the greatest contry in the world ?

Well, maybe i could have answerd yes a few weeks earlier before we decided to bring to presidency our own Bush. Now i just wish there is an alternative France out there in space.

How did you learn to speak english that way ?

I started at school and then translating DEpeche Mode lyrics to understand the songs i love so much. And then i started to read Neil's comics and then ... travelling, boarding on the net and stuffs like that. I'm in a constant search for new words, i love english for that. I can create new words or concepts like : big juicy heart.

is there something you wanna say just right now ?

Are we done yet ? ok.. euh... i hate vanessa paradis and i love Corrida.


P.E.N.E. Pure Evil Girl With True Love Inside
The Diary of the Péné's Family :
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Where is the People's Republic of Tacky Park?
To the northeast of DC.

That sounds like Dundalk... I lived in Glen Burnie a while back when graf was stationed at Meade...

-- Give a man a fish, he eats for the day; Teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime; Teach that man to cook, and he can feed the world....
Head chef in the Realm of Procrastination and Unproductivity, Dp.u.: "You want fries with that?"
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I love small furry creatures; especially in a good sauce.
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Only sounds like Keith Flint
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I have no frequently asked questions.

So, since so few people on here know me very well, If you'd like to ask a question I would be happy to come back and edit this once I get a few of them.

Til then!
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Oh! Okay, Eldi, what's with the "hits bitches like switches" sig?

"bring on the be-tentacled oppressors" - fluffyllama
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Are you my mummy?
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Why Nemo, you like clown fish or something?

Nemo is Latin for "no one". It's from the ancient mystery schools. "No one may enter Her sacred temple." If I were part of such an ancient fraternity that would be the name I would choose.

Age/height/eye color/weight/blood type/sign
36/5'11"/grey/207/A pos+/Sagittarius/Dog

[B]Why did you come here?

Imagination and whimsy are sadly lacking in my peers in the army. Perhaps systematically sucked out would be more factual.

I just read American Gods and came to check it out. Then I got ridiculously lucky in the 3 days after I joined the board. Promotion, raise, better home and got accepted into a very exclusive course that can get me out of the Army and into a civvie hospital. The board is now my good luck charm.

The army? You some trained killer or something?
Actually I'm a medic. But I am pretty good with light machine guns. Scored perfect on my last shoot. There weren't many opportunities for former monks who gave away all their possessions years ago.

Were you really a Buddhist monk?
Yes. Just a novice who took temporary vows.

Don't let the new coat of paint fool you. I just look the part of hardened soldier. It's just a game, at least for me. I lived for a few years at a Tibetan monastery. Meditating 12 to 16 hours was not uncommon. But poverty, no sex and always being told what to do didn't appeal to me. So I joined the army, lol. Now I do this till I can get a better career going. I hope!

How can you be a monk then join the army?
Is it that uncommon? I think history is filled with warrior monks. I study combat medicine, which goes very well with my knowledge of herbs and ancient healing practices.

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Originally posted by Nemo888:

But poverty, no sex and always being told what to do didn't appeal to me.
So I joined the army.


Big Grin

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went the Beezee bold as brass,
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Isn't sanity really just a one trick pony, anyway? I mean, all you get is one trick, rational thinking! But when you're good and crazy¦ooh ooh ooh the sky's the limit!

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I thought the same! Big Grin

"bring on the be-tentacled oppressors" - fluffyllama
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Why are you so attractive?

The luck of the genetic draw.

How do you get your hair so shiny?

Egg whites. It will always outshine the locks of that faux butter lothario Fabio.

Is it true what they say about piano players?

Yes, it is. My fingers are truly magical instruments in their own right.

What is up with you, Yanni, and James Joyce?

Yanni has tried many a time to get in the way of James and I's true love. It is my hope that, in the end, my stronger stomach and love will win out over that brunette trollop's encumbrance.

wouldn't you love some sax by the fire?
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Archus dracomagii
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So what's the deal with your name? Is that Japanese?

Actually, it's the name of an old Science Fiction RPG character of mine, a med tech who was a Mahe (a simian race from C.J. Cherry's Chanur series), and I concocted it by taking syllables out of names and other Mahe vocabulary in the books. But I've recently found out that it's an actual Japanese word. It means "very small," which is ironic, given that I'm somewhat taller and a good deal heavier than many.

And the manga fixation? What's with that?

At the moment, manga seem emotionally fresh: they exude enthusiasm and strong emotions. That's appealing to me right now.

Why aren't you on more often?

Well, I have a busy life, and I'm pretty shy. If the World's End was a face-to-face social event, I'd be sitting in a corner, grinning and nodding at the conversation. I'd occasionally drift over to offer back rubs to those who seemed tired or sore. But that doesn't work so well online ... .

You sometimes answer really obscure questions about children's books. Are you a librarian or something?

Sometimes I think I should have been, but really, I just enjoy children's and young adult literature ... see the reasoning under "manga" (above). In RL, I'm a web content manager at the moment.

Is Emerald really your daughter?

Last time I checked ... I can tell you all the details about being in labor and delivering her. Any takers ... ? I thought not. Next question!

How old are you, anyway?

As Beezee aptly puts it, older than dirt. I remember when D&D was three little beige books in a box, folks. (And that was when I was in college.)

So what are you doing here?

Gaiman is one of my favorite authors, and sometimes I like to chat with people who have similar interests. There's enough SF, fantasy, Monty Python, cooking, SCA, and related topics going on here to keep me coming back. And the people here can be so damned nice!

You're a gamer, so let's have some stats!

Sure ... or at least what passes as the RL equivalent these days: 5 ft 6in, A negative, brown (greying)/brown, INFP (or sometimes INFJ), Leo with Libra rising, Earth Dog, blog here.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
You are a Confectioner. Who can take a sunrise and sprinkle it with dew? Actually, that's Bob The Enchanter, two doors down on the left. But you make delectable treats, which is no simple feat considering Oompa Loompas won't be invented for three centuries. Not only do you delight with your sweets, but you've paved the way for a new profession: dentistry!

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the blog thing: From an Ayewards World ...
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