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Picture of The Lady
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Whats with the picture
It is me using a boon and mirophone to record my donkeys
1. You have donkeys! 2. Why record them
1. Yes they are fostered from a santuary, we also have sheep, chikens, cat, dogs and a random guineafowl. Ive moved away now but I still think of it as home and tham as my animals.
What about 2. Why record them
For a university project
Ok, so I was creating a museum display with dinosaurs in it (sculpted by me) and I wanted sound effects so I recorded my donkeys and then slowed down their voices and played them backwards. I sounded very cool.
What sort of course lets you hand that in as a final Project?
One in special effects
Was it good?
It was like a blue peter on acid, and the best time of my life Smile
So whats up with the picture?
I thought it looked cool
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Click here!
Picture of Tismalleen
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*bumping for n00bz*

Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn't here.
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Clinically abnormal
Picture of Priest.
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You're a Priest?!

A High Priest, but only of my own madness.

Isn't that from the Principia Discordia?

Yes it is. It sounded really original when my friend dubbed me with it at a party in 1995. However, finding its origin lead me to my current faith as a Chaote. So it served two purposes: inflating my ego and guiding my religious faith.



What is a Chaote?

It's half-way between a Thelamite, a Discordian, and 5 year old running around with a towel tied round his neck calling himself Superman.

Why do you come here so capriciously?

There are no patterns. There is no consistency.

How did you find out about Neil Gaiman?

Friend of mine gave me a copy of Season of Mists.

And how did you get here?

His journal was very interesting during the process of Neil writing American Gods. The message board was something I checked out after I got bored of the journal.

Why did you stay?

Lecherous whimsically awkward intellectuality in big doses.

Are you evil?

I vote Republican.

Are you a Republican?

No, just evil.

How evil?

For the past three years, I have been buying friends copies of the novel A Game of Thrones, knowing the series it begins will never get finished.

For the love of Jah, why!?

It's fun to be the tide that washes away all those lovely sandcastles.

What's your life's dream?

To buy a large estate in Nebraska and start a feudal economy as the global market collapses. We've had enough of this mob rule these past 600 years. It's time for the excellent to rule again.

And you're excellent?

Like totally.

You're quite mad.

I suffer from chronic mania. I am always incurably happy and cannot sleep for more than 4 hours at a clip. A lot of manic people develope anti-social tendencies because they don't know the negative end of human emotion. They create a facade, but they never know what it is to feel bad, sad, depressed, or disappointed. don't sleep much?

No. I spend 20 hours a day conscious and joyful.

[b]What do you do with all your free time?

I am currently teaching bartending, working as an agent at a corporate realty trust, writing a novel, keeping a woman happy, reapplying to law school, studying to become a deacon within the Roman Catholic Church, as well as teaching history classes at a gifted and talented program for young children at a local university, and bringing up an awesome little girl who is already having trouble sleeping.


Part-Time Deity, the once and future Marquis of New England, Lord of the Element of Suprise, Duke of New London, Viscount of the 10th Dimension (it's small and somewhat stringy, but nice in October), First Herald of Using Really Big Words While Drunk, First among Equals, Knight of the Hashishin, Third Praetor of the Second Waste of God's Time, Son of the Fifth Dawn, High Inquisitor of Caspar Milqe Toast, and General Spiffy Dick.
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The Lost Singer of ABBA
Picture of moni
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So you got an ear-devouring kitty of your own? That' kinda neat

Well actually this was a neighbour's cat. I do have a cat but he wouldn't be able to eat my ears even if he wanted to


Because he has no teeth. He also lacks ears so he looks a bit like a teddy bear with his ear stumps. (No I'm not some cruel cat-ear collecting maniac. He had cancer on his ears and they had to come off)
He is still very agile and such bur when he catches a mouse he sucks them to death. the result looks like a slug...

What brought you here?

I like Neil's books and I like the kind of crazyness that' normal around here

So you think you could fit in with us?

I certainly hope so. I'm more of a reader than a writer and so I don't post very often but I hope my kind of crazy fits in

And what kind of crazy is that?

The rollercoaster kind... I can go from literally bouncing from happiness to deeply depressed in less than a minute. I am also ridiculously childish as well as precocius. I sometimes hear my boyfriend think (at least he claims not to have said anything) but I am sceptical when it comes to esoterics. All in all I am full of contradictions.

Uhuh.. So what else do you do besides contradicting yourself?

I read, watch the movies, I study Automation Technologies, I sing, lurk over the board and do martial arts.

Okay I can't think of any more questions right now so I'll just post what I have.
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Picture of marmota-b
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Um... this is going to be long.

You've just joined, you're answering this, why?
I'm answering this, because this is an introduction to myself, so when else than now?
I joined because I've recently discovered that I liked Neil Gaiman's writing, both his books and his blog. I feel a constant urge to ask him things about his writing, but that would be selfish of me, so instead I'll try to ask them here. I also feel an urge to answer things in message boards concerning something I like, which is why I join them.

So you haven't read many of Neil Gaiman's books?
No, but I want to. That counts, doesn't it?

Do you think you're crazy enough to fit in here?
Probably not. But whatever.

Why marmota-b? What is marmota?
Marmota is Latin for marmot/groundhog = the cute rodent living in mountains and whistling. B comes from my surname and it's there merely for good measure, and because I got used to it.
I like marmots, they're cute and live in cooperative families and they sleep through the winter.
But, in fact, it's a nickname I got on a holiday camp and I started reading into it after that. And I like Marmota as my international nickname.

So where are you from?
The Czech Republic.

Ah! I'd love to visit Prague; it must be a beautiful city.
Sure it is; but you know what? Consider visiting somehwere else in the Czech Republic as well. My favourite part is the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands, but you can go almost anywhere depending on what type of landscape or sights you prefer. Look into it. It's a pity that most people know only Prague.

What do you do?
I study English and Finnish. I'm also learning Estonian and I've learned the basics of Saami, and I'd love to learn Hungarian because of a wonderful band called Misztrál.
And I do all kinds of creative things, crafts, and writing, and drawing for my own pleasure, and taking photos, and learning to cook.
I read. I prefer children's books, those that adults appreciate as well, because they're somehow usually more fun than books meant only for adults.
I've started washing my hair in baking soda and trying not to buy any new clothes, making and buying them secondhand instead. Because I've always wanted to do something like that, it's quite fun.
Right now I'm sitting in front of my computer and typing in a language that's not my mother tongue, but which I'm extensively using over the internet and in school.

You study Finnish! Say something in Finnish!
Oh, OK... Minä olen nukkuva murmeli ja en halua nousta. (= I'm a sleeping marmot and I don't want to get up.)

How can you live without TV? I couldn't live without TV.
Just like that: I live. I'm a living proof that one can live without TV. And don't tell me you can't. It's not food nor drink nor oxygen.

You go to church?
Yes. Every now and then I don't go, but that's not the end of the world. I come again sooner or later.

What do you listen to (apart from that obscure Hungarian band you mentioned)?
Are they obscure because they're Hungarian...?
Anyway, I like Mark Knopfler, both in Dire Straits and outside of Dire Straits. On the whole, I like classic rock, and folk, and some classical, and anything else that I like.

And your favourite films?
I like Sergio Leone, most of all Once Upon A Time In The West. Because of that, I like spaghetti westerns, although I haven't seen that many yet...

A girl who likes spaghetti westerns?
Why not?

...and I love Local Hero because of its absurd humor (and the music by Mark Knopfler). I love Driving Miss Daisy. The Bear is my childhood love recently rediscovered. The Czech film Rok ďábla (The Year of the Devil) has a great mystification and great music. And there are many others.

And books? Favourite writers?
The two rather obvious ones:
C.S. Lewis - I like Narnia. And Out of the Silent Planet + Perelandra, but I haven't read the last of the trilogy and don't plan to, because I've only heard bad things about it. I love Till We Have Faces; each time I read it I read it "in one breath", in one day, till the small morning hours if necessary.
J.R.R. Tolkien - it started with the Hobbit, and then The Lord of the Rings (I particularly like Book III), and some of the Silmarillion - I still haven't managed to read the whole thing in one read. I love Roverandom and Father Christmas Letters - see, I said I liked children's books. And yes, I study Finnish because of Tolkien (which is not recommended), but mostly because North Polar Bear's real name is Karhu, which is Finnish for bear, and his nephews' names are Paksu and Valkotukka, and all this sounded too cool to be left just at that.
Karel Čapek. He has a GREAT way with language, but I suspect a lot of it must be lost in translation for foreign readers.
Jiří Trnka's Zahrada (The Garden; I hear it was translated into English as Through the Magic Door or something like that) - a charming, witty, wise children's book that is often appreciated even more by teenagers and adults. And the illustrations - by the author himself, of course - are priceless. So is the Tomcat, one of my favourite characters of all times.
Adam Mickiewicz's Pan Tadeusz. I first saw the film, and loved the film, and read the poem (a full, novel-length book, for your info) because of the film, but now I think the poem is just better, because there are so many little details in it... I wish I had my own copy. Frown I do not like Miskiewicz's other work so much, but if you're into romantism, it's surely worth checking out.
And, well, Neil Gaiman. I started with The Graveyard Book, which I own (the UK edition with Chris Riddell's illustrations), and then Sandman, American Gods and Stardust, which I do not own - yet. I'm lucky to share this newly found passion with my best, oldest friend, having discovered Gaiman more or less together. So we exchange books...

There is Robinson, alone on a deserted island; but they will marry.
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Calumny and dragones be there here
Picture of Fiori
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Been here awhile and had no idea about this thread! Looks like I just missed it. Anyway:

What's with the screen-name change?
Infinitycircuit, my old screen name, is the name of my Industrial project, which I haven't done anything with in about four years. Not because I don't want to, but because I keep having to spend money on things like glasses and car repairs so I haven't been able to buy the software or equipment I need to make the music I want to make again. I had already been thinking about changing it, but when Jim changed his it seemed like a good time. My new name is part of my RL last name.

Why do you live in south-east Arizona? Aren't you from California?
If you've ever lived in California, you don't need to ask. Some people belong there, some don't. If you've ever been to where I live now, you probably don't feel the need to ask; the answer is in the mountains, the answer is in the sky, the answer is in the FIFTEEN MINUTE DRIVE FROM ONE END OF TOWN TO THE OTHER.

How did you find the NGB?
Something about an invasion. I would have stumbled upon it eventually anyway, I've been reading Gaiman for years.

You're over 30, why don't you have any kids? Don't you know your eggs are shriveling up and dying as we speak?

Because one day I'd run out of patience and ship my kids off to MoM to be eaten.


5'5"/not telling/dark brown with silver highlights/brown when I'm happy, green when I cry/Virgo/37


and when I said "hammer" I meant my..." - Captain Hammer

"The orange of your mind tastes like sunshine" - Furious
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aka Fiona Banks
Picture of River
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age: eighteen.
hair: reddish brownish, might already be going a little grey, I found about four grey hairs yesterday.
eyes:grey, green and bloodshot if I'm angry.
distingushing features: hairy birthmark just to left of spine, braces and really scary eyebrows (there's a reason my nickname was werewolf)
gender: female
You're a girl?
It's just a baggy shirt and really short hair.
What are you studying?
micrbiology and imunology.
So you're in first year university?
So what's with your screen name ?
Well, my family practally lives on a river; seriously all we have to do was walk about one hundred steps and we can just jump into the water. I sort of miss it,
I learned to swim, kayak and canoo there. Plus it's the name of my favoritre Joni Mitchell song.

Wining means winning over the discord in yourself. Those who have a warped mind, a mind of discord, have been defeated from the beginning
~Morihei Ueshiba
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Rumble Fish
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New FAQ! The old one is outdated.

So, there's been a name change.
not really a question! but yeah - Jim changed his name, i changed mine for that thread where a lot of people changed their names, and i just haven't switched back yet. the "robot" part is the important part of my screen-name to me, anyway.

Still got all those siblings?
in fact i will now be aquiring more - two siblings-in-law from the Minotaur's family, and very soon i think a sister-in-law because my brother is planning to propose to his girlfriend.

So the Minotaur is still around then.
yes, most definately. and even more seriously. Smile in December, we're getting married!

You're not at the World's End very much anymore, are you?
i'm here every day, or very nearly - but i don't post as often as i was earlier in the year. i still love this place and my friends here, though!

What are you reading now?
Haha! Well, since i work in a used bookstore that i get to treat as my own personal lending library, i read even more now than i used to. currently in the "reading" stack are:
2 Sookie Stackhouse novels
"Extras" by Scott Westerfield
"Dune" by Frank Herbert
"Read My Lips: A Cultural History of Lipstick"
"Keep the Apidistra Flying" by George Orwell
i have a "to be read" pile, as well, but i'll spare you.

How are the wedding plans coming?
very well - i'm not stressed out, the list is getting checked off, and i'm happy.

Why aren't you wearing a white dress and having a humongo splashy wedding?
for one, i've never been the girl who dreamed of her wedding day, the white dress and decorated church and all that. to me, the marriage is the important thing - not the wedding day. for two, i and the Minotaur have both been sort of subversive all our lives, so why would we conform to societal norm to start our life together?
and so we're getting married in a tiny intimate ceremony, in a church that will be decorated for Christmas, and i'll be wearing a re-wearable, totally awesome Little Black Dress.

And you'll be living...
in Hawaii! Smile it's going to be amazing, and i can't wait. Hawaii is one of those places that you go to and it gets under your skin, you can't wait to go back and i get to live there!

Won't you miss your family?
of course i will. but i'm not thinking about the sad things right now - there's too much happy to focus on.
yes, i'll miss my family and they will miss me, but i can't stay with them forever and in truth, while i love my family and my friends, i've never really felt that "click" of belonging in this area where i currently live. i'm looking forward to this adventure.
and this isn't the 19th century - Internet and Skype and cheap flights will make it easier on everyone.

How is work?
work is awesome. i wish i could take my coworkers and the entire bookstore with me when i leave - i'll miss them and the store a lot. all my coworkers are amazing people, and three of them i count as my good friends.

Know what you're gonna be when you grow up yet?
uhm, no.

Any life plans?
being married and with my Minotaur, in Hawaii for a while and then wherever life takes us. we'd like to travel, see the world and meet people.

Are you happy?
unbelievably happy.
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*Special Achievement Award Winner 2010* shines on like the stars
Picture of library lady
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Ok, you’ve been on the board for almost a year now, why are you just doing the FAQs now?

To be perfectly honest, I hate writing. I am trying to get into this social networking stuff, but it involves writing. If you ever meet me I will talk your ear off. Just don’t ask me to write. (I’m a lousy speller and worse at typing.)

So, how did you come up with the name library lady?

I work in a library. (teens and children’s area) When little kids see me out in public I hear them say, “That’s the library lady.” As most of you may already know, not all librarians fit the stereotypes.

Why did you join the board?

I have been following Neil’s blog since 03 and been lurking on and off the board since 04. I was on dial up at the time. Two years ago I got high speed so I could go to college online. I was going to join when I finish school, but I ended up joining right before my last semester started.

That still doesn’t answer why.

I spent three hours one evening reading the thread “the problem of Susan” and wanted to reply.

I don’t see you in that thread.

After I joined I never had the nerve to post there. And that wasn’t a question.

Sorry, so, what do you like about the board?

I love the silliness coupled with intellectual banter. I feel I fit in here. And other boards scare me.


I just can’t handle twitter. Don’t ask.

Ok, Now that you are done with school, what next?

Right now I am looking for a new job so I can move some place warmer. I know I have lived all my life in cool weather climates But I can’t take it anymore.

What about your family?

My son and stepson are grown up and out of the house. My ‘hubby’ is ok with it as long as we don’t move some place too hot. Really it’s the cat I have to worry about.

No more question right now, it is 10:40pm local time, and I still have to pack for a library convention later this week. (Party down with the librarian!)

Life is too short to read a bad book.
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the Penitent
Picture of Artguy C.
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What brought you here?

It was a stork, but I'm TOLD that it was actually a spaceship DISGUISED as a stork. I wandered in here on a lark, and felt a magnetic attraction that hasn't been in my world in quite awhile! --So I stayed.

What makes you think that you might fit in with us?

It started at the welcoming party, but I believe that the 'idea' that I might fit in came about a week later when I started seeing little signs that folks were ' putting up with me and my attempts at humor, very well.
They made me feel like I was accepted despite being the total NEWB that I actually was/am. ---That-And Maeve's brownies are VERY addictive- so I'm coming back whether you like it or not! Big Grin

Where did you get your 'name'?

It's funny that question came up- I was JUST about to introduce myself, but my alter ego won't stop yelling at me to 'Shut my Pie Hole', so I think I'll have to hold off on giving the answer to that question for now.

What are you- Crazy or something?

I know you are but what am I?

Shut Your Pie Hole!

Damn you- - - ME? who the hell do you think you are?! Me?- - Why I'm "Artguy Chuck"-- thanks for asking!

I got this name back in High School while we were testing out the medicine cabinets of our parents whenever there weren't banana skins or nutmeg around to smoke. I've give all of that up now, but in 2006, I found out that there was another guy with my same name, doing art for the same bands, in the same city- - - (if you can imagine such a ridiculous thing!), so the name came back out and it's redeemed itself many times over.

Is that your final answer?

Actually, no. My final answer is "13".

Shut your Pie Hole.

Make me!
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the Penitent
Picture of Artguy C.
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Sorry - but, at that point the FAQ had to be taken offline for a good pounding!

My secret ambition is to someday work for Mr. Neil doing art in a scenario like 'The Dangerous Alphabet' or 'Wolves in The Walls'. I've accomplished several dreams so far, and I plan to remain the same old 'artguy' after the deed is done.
So- now you know a little something about me. I'm off to apply for a Member title Thingy... so don't laugh.
(or do- - - whatever!) : )
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is like fusion cuisine, if Canada can be seen as having a cuisine.
Picture of G~R
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You post an awful lot like that other person... Starlit-something?
That's because I am that person! Somehow I got locked out of my old account. I don't know how it happened, but I'm not sure how - I don't mind though, I like my new account Smile

Oh I see! Okay. So, I'm remembering something about a wedding... and a Minotaur?
Yes! The wedding was on December 23, 2009 - it was perfect. I'm now the happy Mrs. TwiliteMinotaur Smile

So where are you living?
We're living in Hawaii - the island of Oahu, down the street from where TM grew up, in a little studio apartment.

How's it going?
It's going great! I'm loving being married and keeping my own home Smile

Are you missing your family?
Well of course I am. How could I not? But we keep in close touch via email and Skype.

Are you working?
I am not - I am a stay-at-home wife. I can't legally work until my Immigration stuff goes through.

Are you happy?
I am supremely, ecstatically happy - and if you want proof you can take a look at my blogs Smile
Starlit Home (random stuff)
Smallest Kitchen (cooking - in my tiny studio kitchen)

boldly going somewhere
Originally Registered: June 14, 2007
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may or may not be cerulean
Picture of Oh hey, jupiter!
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Where are you from?
Hi! I'm from a small town in Central Illinois, near Normal. Yes, outside Normal, lolz.

And where are you now?
I'm on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, where I work as a Peace Corps volunteer.

Peace Corps? Are you like a missionary or something?
Peace Corps is a (non-religious) US government organization that sends volunteers to work on projects in developing countries for two years. I'm working in a community center to strengthen their computer education program, among other things. If you'd like more details, you can check out my Peace Corps blog, Paz Dispenser.

What are you doing after Peace Corps?
I have just one month left here! I'm going back to the States in May, working at a summer camp, and then starting grad school for library science at U of Illinois. Wait two years and I will totally be qualified to hook you up with free books.

So, why did you join the boards?
I was/am a big fan of Neil's writing. I joined because I was working on an American Gods website and I wanted to tell people about it and get feedback on it.

How come you've been a member for like ten years but don't have very many posts?
I don't know why, but I'm just not very good at sticking around the board. I always like it when I stop by, but for some reason whenever I get too busy to check the boards regularly, it takes me forever to get around to returning.

What's the deal with "heyjupiter"?
"Hey Jupiter" is a Tori Amos song. I started using it as my Internet "handle" in the late 90s and just kind of like the way it sounds, I suppose. My real name is Renata, and you can call me that, if you'd prefer.

What's your favorite book/album/TV show/movie/color/snack?
Tough questions but: The Partly Cloudy Patriot by Sarah Vowell/Little Earthquakes by Tori Amos/The West Wing/Josie and the Pussycats/pink/pita chips with hummus.

Tell me something embarrassing about yourself.
I have a lot of really embarrassing interests. I play Farmville on Facebook. I own all three High School Musical movies on DVD. I read all four Twilight books AND dressed like Bella for a Twilight-themed party. D: D: D:

Can you describe yourself in a haiku?
I'm a feminist
With such ridiculous taste
Like Lady Gaga

"Neil Gaiman, what are you doing in my falafel?"
--Mary Ellen on Arthur

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It's like an Oreo cookie, only not
Picture of Chiaroscuro
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Ch...cure... what?!

Pronounced "cure-o-skure-o."


Chiaroscuro in art is characterized by strong contrasts between light and dark, usually bold contrasts affecting a whole composition. It is also a technical term used by artists and art historians for using contrasts of light to achieve a sense of volume in modeling three-dimensional objects such as the human body.

Couldn't you have picked an easier screen name?

Couldn't you just have been more of an art nerd and just got it like me?

Hey, no reason to get defensive...

I'm not getting defensive, you are!

Forget it. I'm going to get a soda...

Get me one!

What flavor? We have Coke and rootbeer.


Cranberry isn't a soda flavor. Again, we have Coke and rootbeer.

I slept with your father. I never told you because I didn't want you to know that I'm really your mother.

You have gone too far.

...Or not far enough!

Boil up some Mt. Dew, it's gunna be a long night.
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Picture of jaer
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This looks like fun!

Jaer, huh? Is that your name?
Not even remotely.

So why is it your screen name?
It's short, easy to remember and type it. And often available on forums.

Where did it come from?
Main character of book I wrote in high school, his name was Jeremy but he was called Jaer. Ryhmes with "bear" before you ask.

You wrote a book?
In high school, I wrote a trilogy, but now I think they are fairly crap. Over the last few years, I wrote another--not published yet. Working on that now.

Jaer in the new book?
No, he's not. But I think he'll make into another story with some of the old characters. Though, reimaged and a little darker. I'm thinking it might be some YA literacy.

Sorry, that's how we abbr. Young Adult in my industy.

Your industry? What do you do?
I'm a Production Editor for a publisher. I copy edit and proofread books and journals--non-fiction stuff.

You proofread and copy edit? Your posts are horrible!
I have a lot of typos and misspellings, yeah, but these are forum posts, not profession work. I tend to go for speed, not correctivity.

You've been gone a while. Why?
Sometimes I drift in; sometimes I drift out. Sadly I drifted out and only now made it back.

Sticking around this time?
I think so! For a bit.

Why did you join the board?
Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite writers; possibly my all-time favorite (Neverwhere still one of my favorite books!). I was searching around the web one day and discovered the boards. Great people, awesome conversation, and great people. Yeah, it deserves to be said twice.

Why do you sign your posts the way you do, with that little extra add-on?
Just something I started and found funny. Sometimes it's not easy finding a relevant statement, but I have one right now.

is done answering questions.

A friend in needs a friend indeed,
A friend who bleeds is better.
My friend confessed she passed the test,
And we will never sever,
- Pure Morning by Placebo
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Picture of that scott guy
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age: 31
hair: well it was blonde when i was a kid but since then it has oddly enoough become an annoying brown
eyes: they change between blue and green
distingushing features: 40 tattoos on my legs, arms, chest and fingers
gender: male

Whoa! A Male on here?: yeah, i found it odd when i looked through the boards and saw mainly women

So what are your tattoos?: oh dear, this may take a while...left arm-irish flag, yorrick from y the last man upside down superman symbol that stands for resurrection, two viking runes, socialist star, jolly roger, rampant lion...left hand- mustache, the letters B U L B...left leg- superman fighting captain marvel from kingdom come, old comic drawing of a woman, gumby as a sheriff riding pokey, 2 anchors, everton fc crest, a sacred peanut (sacred heart but with a peanut instead of a heart), mark from the cartoon battle of the planets...left breast-straight razor...right arm- celtic cross, mother's initials, quote from the movie donnie darko, ukrainian tryzub with my last name in ukrainian, two viking runes, the number 4, the auryn from the book the neverending story, elaine belloc from the comic lucifer...right fingers- green lantern ring, the letters F I S H...right leg- 4 sandman tattoos (dream, merv, cluracan, george)...right breast- red hand of ulster

WOW that's a lot: meh

So where are you from?: Canada, more specifically, Ontario, even more specifically, St.Catharines

Ummm where?: It's directly south of Toronto across Lake Ontario and the city directly west of Niagara Falls

Ok, what's so special about it there?: Not a hell of a lot, it was the city the zipper was invented in, the first city to have a street car and we had a serial killer here a while back

What do you do for a living?: I'm a writer

Anything we may`ve heard ofÉ: Not yet, but I`m working on it

When did you first hear of Neil Gaiman?: back in the late 80`s or early 90`s i picked up issue 16 of The Sandman and have been hooked ever since

So why did it take you so long to join the boards? No clue

-not back with a vengeance, more like a dull thud followed by a scared wave-
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Smiter of the Stupid
Picture of Saint NightWalker
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So, this is for the old timers and the new timers:

Saint NightWalker?

Uh, yes?

Why did you pick that as your handle?

Yo, my name is 'Walker and that’s no lie
I’m as real and hip as pastrami on rye.
I’m a heavy-drinkin’ kilt-wearin’ sonofabitch
and I’ll whip V-Ice with a bamboo switch

Two white guys in a straight street fight
I’ll knock his ass out with a left and right
Then Ice Cube ‘ll come and kick the crap
outta two white kids who can’t f***in’ rap.

What's with the boots?

Some say I am the physical embodiment of Destruction, and therefore I needed said footwear.

(I'm a member of the Fiddler's Green Endless Boots Club)

And how old are you?

Old enough to drink, fall in love, and have that “nesting” instinct take hold… yet young enough to come up with pathetic, immature raps and play with Legos. Woohoo!

<cough> Umm, I'll be 35 at the HoTR thing.

What are your stats?

Height: 6'1"
Weight: Big enough not to mess with.
Boot size: 15
Hair color: Varies
Eye color: Brown
Sign: Scorpio

You've been on the Board for HOW LONG!?

Yeah, I know. I've been here, then gone, then back for a month, then gone... it's a thing.

Wait... haven't I seen you on TV?

Yeah, here and there.

That's right! You're an archaeologist!

No. Paleontologist. We play with bones, follow evolutionary concepts, and discuss life in different geological ages. Archaeologists play in dirt, speculate about cultures and one day dream growing up and being real scientists.

(Kidding. Many of my friends are archaeos. Bloody grave robbers. Smile )

Mac or PC?

PCs all the way... I don't like stuff from a company that names its stuff after feminine menstrual barriers.

What's the best concert you've ever seen?

Future Bible Heroes, Folk Underground, and Lojo Russo doing an impromptu acoustic sing-along for countless hours, next to a bonfire.

Were you in any way under the influence at that concert?

There was some mighty-fine scotch flowing freely that night.

If you were a fruit, what fruit would you be, and why?

An avocado… ‘cause they rock.

What's the worst prank you've ever played on someone?

Staged a fake funeral.

You are having lunch with any three people, living or dead. (The dead ones will be magically revived for the purposes of lunch.) Who is on your guest list?

Orson Welles (during the “Cradle Will Rock” years)
Kit Marlowe

You have to be marooned on a desert island with any musical group. Who do you want it to be?

N’sync… just so I could beat the shit out of them, kill them, eat them, and rid the world of them once and for all.

And if it came down to it, which one would you eat first?

I’d make them pick.

What's your favorite t-shirt slogan?

Define your worldview in 100 words or less.

Burn everything. May that which falls stay fallen, and may that which stands be used to build anew.

-=- Saint NightWalker -=-

Donut: "Oh man, that is a BURN. Dude, you just got BURNED. BURN, dude. BURN."
Simmons: "Oh, shut up! Your armor's pink."
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the Penitent
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A Re-Visitation with a 'middlin' fresh face in order to gain access to a BRAND NEW 'Member Title Thingy":

Sooooooo, you are BACK. Why are you bothering this peaceful thread again? DIdn't you cut yourself off earlier on the page?

Yes, hi,- I did, but that was only because my alter-ego was causing a disruption in the Force.

Alright then, state your reason for returning, please.

I umm. . . I ate the Grue that was potentially meant to eat me. See, I USED to be an Owl trio playing drums, but then I transformed into a snowboarding monkey with appetites that cannot be controlled.

So, you ADMIT to being out of control, then...


You should be ashamed of yourself.

Yeah- I SHOULD be , but I can't help myself. Snowboarding monkeys have needs.

Well, is this all you have to say for yourself?

That and "When is Lunch? I'm STARVING!!!"

Okay then, can we wrap this up already?

Are the wrappers edible?

Okay, that's it from this end. Ciao monkey boy.

CHOW?! AWESOME, Let's eat!!!

finis. (Please append the Member Title Thingy of this character at your earliest convenience) Thanks.
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Picture of -3-
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Wonderful number - a fundamental cornerstone of the universe. Just ask Bucky Fuller.

Okay, but why -3- instead of a name?
I used to have a bigger, longer name - but pieces kept dropping off until the 3 was all that was left. I added the hyphens for easy visual distinction, and that's how i've been known professionally since about '97. These days, even family tend to call me by my number. Some say it's pure laziness on my part. Maybe so. I tend to 'blame' Charles Schultz.

Say what? Charles Schultz, the Peanuts guy?
Well, not blame, blame. But his old character 5 always stuck with me. When others questioned his number/name, he told of how his father was overwhelmed by all the numbers that cataloged and ruled his life. So, questioned the others, this was how he was fighting back? No, this was his surrender.
Works for me - i'm claiming a good number before it's taken!

"Known professionally"? What do you do?
I'm an artist/animator/creator. I was working in the video game/electronic entertainment industry as my name (d)evolved and shrank to its current form.

Would I know any games you worked on?
Very possibly. My credits include Wasteland, Neuromancer, The Lord Of The Rings, StoneKeep, Robocop Vs. Terminator, and Star Trek: Starfleet Command, among others.

What are you doing these days?
These days i've left the horrors of Southern California for a quiet life in the Pacific Northwest of the US, working in Comics, mostly.

What comics have you worked on?
No series, only graphic novels, including A Drug War Carol, The Probability Broach, La Muse, and most recently, Phoebus Krumm. (Phoebus Krumm has completed online serialization at, but i don't believe the print version isn't out yet.)

What are you working on now?
Currently, i'm just looking for small projects to work on while prepping my own graphic novel for sale, and working on a few prints i've had bubbling in the back of my head. Got to get them out of there before they burst something. See the link in my sig for the most recent.

Your profile says you procrastinated for years before joining. Why?
By nature, i'm an anti-social hermit. My natural tendency is to avoid joining things. (Well, except maybe things with tentacles...)

How's that hermit thing working for you?
Like most things, good and bad. Life is quieter, most certainly. But hermitage is terribly bad for keeping up with friends and folks i care about. Not to mention, building/maintaining industry contacts, or getting out to be seen so publishers/editors know my work. I'm poking my head out of my cave and working on that a bit. We'll see how it goes.

What else do you do besides playing art troll in your cave?
Well... I eat! Ond of the best things about working where i live is being able to spend as much time as i want in the kitchen.

You sit on your butt eating and doing art in your cave, huh? Just how fat ARE you?
Hey! Stop that. Are we picking on my receding hairline next?
But, really, just 20 pounds or so over my "good" weight. At 6'2", that's really not so much, is it? It helps that i eat my own cooking and avoid the additives put in our food that make so many Americans obese.

So.... bald?
It's gonna be like that, is it?
No - high forehead, like a wizard. Not bald, like a monk My avatar portrait is fairly up to date and accurate.

Let's go back a few answers - "tentacles"?
Do you really want to go there?

Okay, moving right along. You're likely to be talking about what you read here - but what do you watch?
No cable or antenna connected to the television set. Stopped watching broadcast tv when the networks decided to spam programming with their logos. If they've got that much contempt for their shows, who am i to argue with them? So mostly i watch movies, lots of them. Happily, lots of odd and different vids find their way to me.

You like it strange, do you?
Oh, most certainly. Like my movies that way, too.

All right - walked into that one. What movies have you enjoyed lately?
Been watching a lot of things i've seen before lately. I do that when i'm working. The tv is set across the room behind my monitor, so both are in direct view while i'm working. Some of what i was watching over the weekend: Bubba Ho-Tep, The Baron Vs. The Demons, The Man With The Smallest Penis In Existence And The Electron Microscope Technician Who Loved Him, Accion Mutante, The Eternal Evil Of Asia, Mad Mad Ghost, Baberellas, Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog, and Tideland.

Got a couple Hong Kong movies in there, huh?
Oh, yeah, definitely. Only a couple this weekend, but often more. Last weekend was a Mr. Vampire marathon. (Lam Ching-Ying is my favorite actor) But i was working this weekend, so only a couple subtitled movies. Watching movies while working is one thing. Reading subs while working quite another.

Okay - let's move away from entertainment. Democrat or Republican?
I'm going to have to go with Norton I, Emperor Of these United States & Protector Of Mexico. He outlawed both parties back in 1869. I'm on board with that.

Um, okay. Maybe we should skip politics?
Probably a good idea unless you want this FAQ to run 20,000 words or more. But if you're looking to create a comicbook villain, there's plenty of source material there. (Hell, i'd swear some of them are actually based on comicbook villains)

What's your favorite sport?
Robot Wars! If they'd put that back on the air, i might watch some sports.

Hmm, you love to cook, and don't like sports... are you sure you're a guy?
Either that, or the hairiest lesbian you ever saw.

So, do you think you're crazy enough to fit in around here?
I'll try to tone it down.

experiMental Theatre
"Whose mind is it anyway?"
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Picture of Mean Old Man
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G'wan, spill yet guts.
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