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Zuppa Toscana soup is my latest obsession. Glenda does this thing at the shop, Souper Sock Sunday where several of us make soup (I bake the bread to go with the soup Smile ) and I always loved her soup - she told me it was the copycat recipe for the soup from Olive Garden. Boardies on facebook all wanted this recipe, but it probably got lost.

Vague amounts of various ingredients and what I do with them: Serves 2 people who go back for seconds, one of them eats enough for two people.

2 or 3 large links of hot Italian sausage
Onion, chunked in bit sized pieces. I like red onion.
Garlic, minced finely (I squish it in the press)
1 quart chicken broth
salt, ground pepper, to taste.
yellow curry powder, about 1/4 tsp
potatoes, cut into large chunks
kale - lots. I have it in the freezer and just break off whatever looks like enough. I like a lot of it.
Half n half. I just pour it in, maybe 1/2 cup?

I have a large 8 quart stockpot and I just cook everything in there. But, there's plenty of room left, so a 3 or 4 quart size should work fine. I fry up the sausage in some butter or oil (I default to butter) over medium heat, stir frequently and then then chuck in the onions, stir, chuck in the garlic, stir, chuck in the salt, pepper, curry powder, when you have some nice brown bits on the bottom of the pan, pour in the chicken broth and stir it all up. Cover and bring to a boil whilst cutting up the potatoes. Leave the skin on if you like it that way, peel if you don't. Use whatever potatoes you like, I like red ones in this soup. When it comes to a boil, chuck in the potatoes, cover, bring to a boil again (this is where I usually turn it off because I have started things too soon and need a break. If you have the spoons, just continue on) If you're using fresh kale, cut it up into bit sized bits - I just break it off the main mass from the freezer bag. I just keep putting it in the pot until it covers the whole pot, various recipes found online say anything from 2 cups to half a bunch.

Add the half n half, adjust seasonings, eat.

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My thanksgiving turkey stew:

a pound of turkey fillets, cubed
porcelain pumpkin, cubed (uh, however much you want. Did this with regular pie pumpkin too, but the porcelain was so tend and more delicious)
bag o' frozen broccoli
whatever other veggies you wish to dump
turkey bone broth
1 tsp-ish tarragon
one garlic cloves
some chops of leeks
pinch of savory
small pinch of sage

(as you can see, there's no real exact measurements, I just throw in what I think will be delicious in the right amounts of deliciousness)

First put the turkey in the crockpot, followed by the pumpkin and whatever other squashes or hard vegetables you wish to add, then broccoli, then garlic and leaks, broth, and other herbs. Cook on high for four hours.

This is my most delicious of turkey stews.

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I have a cold, so this is the thread for me.

Butternut Squash and Leek Soup:

1 box, chicken stock.
1 squash, cubed.
2 leeks, sautee white parts.
Mace (the seasoning, not a can o')
White pepper

Cook all together until tender and blendable, then blend. Finish with sour cream or a splash of heavy cream or a bigger splash of milk.

Can be made veggie by using veggie stock.


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