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Dropping in to say Hi
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It has been a while since I have taken the time to write here. A year ago this month I graduated with my associates degree in Science of interdisciplinary studies focusing on communication. Last Autumn I started to study for my bachelor degree in computer science but all of that was put on hold due to an illness that hit me very hard. I had to auto drop my classes and ended up in the hospital for 4 weeks.

I was diagnosed with an infection called panniticulitis. It took two weeks of me suffering fevers and not getting better before they found an abscess. The hospital that I was in could not get any clear pictures of my insides with their CT scan or their ultra sound. This is not the first time the problem arose at that hospital. The last time their ultra sound could not get clear pictures was when one of their OB GYN's could not get a clear picture of my baby 14 years ago and she accidentally caused his death.

So once again I had this hospital winging it with me. On the day they were going to release me I talked my doctor into doing one more ultra sound. That is when they found a small abscess. The third week of my visit they drained it into a catheter. When that did not work the surgeon cut it open and packed it with gauze. It took 3 months to heal with dry dressing changes.

When the wound completely healed up in December, I suddenly became ill again. I had relapsed. Once again I had Panniticulitis and ended up back in the hospital. They found another abscess and drained it in a Catheter for a week again. The surgeon wanted to open and drain it like he did the last time. I was tired of the hospital not getting clear pictures and winging it with me. I was sure my hernia had something to do with it. I kept telling them and they would not listen so I told them I wanted to go to another hospital for a second opinion. They pulled the catheter out and discharged me. The surgeon told me he would never be my doctor again because I wanted a second opinion.

When they discharged me I went home. I decided I wanted to spend one day at home before finding another hospital. The hospital that discharged me did not tell me the old incision was turning black and that I still had a major infection. The nurses who removed the catheter did not seal up the hole in my belly with much gauze. I woke up in the middle of the night in a pool of blood.

I called an ambulance and went to a different hospital. That hospital was shocked to see I was discharged in my condition. They got clear pictures of my whole abdomen. The infectious disease doctor showed me the CT scan pictures which is something the other hospital did not do. The surgeon explained that the hernia was killing my intestine but he could not operate on it until the infection healed again. Intestinal fluid was leaking into my stomach lining and causing the abscesses. They showed me a huge abscess that they told me had to have been there for many months. They cut me open with a 6 inch long incision. It was 3 inches deep. They hooked up a wound vacuum to it. I got back home on Christmas eve.

This time the wound which is larger is healing fast. It is painful but it looks like it will heal before mid February. Much faster than the smaller wound last Autumn. After I heal I have to return for a hernia repair and a Panniculectomy.

With a wound vacuum I am stuck at home with cabin fever in this horrible cold weather.
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Good to see you again. Smile

Sorry to hear you went through all that, but sounds like they are finally getting to the end of it.

~Healing vibes~

& congratulations on graduating. Big Grin
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Wow, that is quite a story. So sorry you had to go through all of that. If your stuck home and board you'll just have to post more. Smile Can you do online classes?

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Hi Great Bard.
What a hellish story.
I was once depressed, lost in a blizzard,am a lazy person and got My first depression when I was 8.

E mesmo assim tiveste azar
Even I think You Had Bad Luck.
The important QUESTION is however:
Did you Learn anything during your illness?
Are you Now a different Person?
Are you now better or worse personthan BEFRORE your illness?

You know Socrates was a very ugly and very wise man( that couldn't write)
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Gayle, sorry to hear everything you had to go through, but it's lovely to see your name pop up here on the Board again. *hugs*

~ Non-Mod-Amy, aka Amy of the Lost Ark

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Thanks for the comments everyone. I am almost completely healed and ready for the last surgery. They will be calling me soon to set it up.

Last night my 18-year-old son threw a Halo and magic card party. lately my house has been packed with 18-year-old teens and young adults whom have all nicknamed me Mommykins.

On a positive note:

My daughter is 20 now and in the student senate of her college. She is getting along great with me these days and things are going well with both my young adult children. My son got a taste of adulthood when i was in the hospital 4 weeks and he had to run the house.

This photo is me and my daughter at her graduation last spring.

Here is a photo of my son.

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