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is like fusion cuisine, if Canada can be seen as having a cuisine.
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Originally posted by BeeZee:

The Eternal Lester Zombie.
How I'll always think of you

I wish we'd met IRL and I'm so glad we met online.

boldly going somewhere
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Salute Lester.

Fuck is always appropriate, doubly so here. The internet is full of real people. You helped us remember that.

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I've spent two days trying to think of what I can say. But there's nothing I can add to what so many others have said.

That's the thing though, so many others, you've had an impact LZ. Thanks for being here.


Oh you young people. It's all tea and muffins and excitement in your world I expect.
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Well Fuck...I keep waiting on the 'Haha Fooled you guys' punchline, but I know damn well that you wouldn't mess around QUITE like this.
I've loved having you in my world Lester Zombie.
Both here and in Faceybookand- your humor has been a great asset to every conversation and I can't see a restroom selfie without thinking of YOU,- the Master...
You will never age for as long as the internet exists.
Much Love to ya Mr. Zombie.
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My Zombie friend, this is hard to process. Death comes like a thief in the night for so many, it's hard to know what to say when it's an expected visitor. Especially when she's visiting someone who seems like an undead constant force in the world, like things won't spin quite right when he's gone.

I hope she greets you like an old friend.

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*sends more fish* .. Goodbye Sir.

I prefer to live in a country that's small, and old, and where no one would ever have the NERVE to wear a cape in public, whether they could leap tall buildings in a single bound or not.

the parrot... ...gets tiresome.
the parrot... ...i ate him.

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*big big hug*

You know that every time I noticed a reflective surface somewhere (and this is not something I used to notice at all before seeing your pictures) I think of how I could use it in a picture? And of course then I realise I can't cause I suck at photography, and then I think "I wounder what would Lester Zombie do with this?".

So thank you for your pictures. And for being here and sharing stuff with us. I always thought you had a really cool zen presence, if that makes sense. I really don't know what else to say, so just *hugs*

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Les, it has been years since we spoke and even then we didn't talk as much as I would have liked. But I've always known you are a good person, the kind the world needs more - not less - of.

Don't know what else I can say except what has already been said...

*big big hug*


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Didn't catch this until news popped up on social media today, but rest in peace Lester and condolences to all those affected by his passing. Omnia mutantur, nihil interit.
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