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E3 2016 impressions
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Now I was playing video games back when TV screens were round, so my feelings about the latest round of button mashing stuff are, uhm,... obsolete? Razz

Disclaimer: I own a Microsoft Xbox 360, Xbox One, a Nintendo Wii U, a broken GameCube, games I don't have consoles for, random retro crap, and about a hundred Steam, Origin, and games or the PC. Linux Mint is my favorite OS.

Microsoft is releasing a new system! And another one next year! (wut?) So you have the option of spending money now on a system that's not compatible with 4K (Xbox One), one that is (Xbox One S), and one where you don't need a TV at all (codename Scorpio). Oh, and every game you own? Updated versions. Nothing new under the sun except for We Happy Few, which looks like The Stanley Parable meets Bioshock meets The Matrix, which is high praise from me unless the game sucks.

Sony is going deep --balls deep-- into VR on their PS4 and upcoming sorta-kinda upgraded PS4 Neo consoles, and once again the upgrade is so people can play MOARBETTER on the 4K TVs they don't have. In comparison to Microsoft and Nintendo, Sony appears to to have a larger batch of new IPs coming out like Death Stranding and Horizon Zero Dawn. They also have the usual glut of remakes coming out, but some's going to be in VR,... I'd wait a year or two to buy a VR headset. They're kinda overpriced right now and if your patient you'll be able to pick up any AAA VR titles from now for $20. The patient gamer gets everything for cheap... unless he's too patient, then the friggin' prices go back up. Mad

Nintendo is releasing a new Zelda and Pokemon games. Aaaand that's about it. *shrugs* They got nothin' but their Nintendo Fun Formula and THEY'RE STICKING TO IT.

So the big questions I have are, does a gamer invest heavily in VR or a 4K TV? And since the next-gen games will be larger, are the companies making the next-gen consoles powerful enough to overcome low framerates and loading times on higher resolution screens?

The winner of E3? Whichever company starts sending me 'evaluation' hardware and software. This junk is getting expensive... Razz
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