A request
I have been asked to post some evidence that this piece existed, so I shall do so. Apologies to all offended parties.

I once had sex with Jesus Christ,
Upon a languid afternoon,
I touched that regal bum of Christ,
And in his arms I there did swoon.
He took me to such lofty heights
As he ploughed my deepest depths
Our Lord cried out in sheer delight,
As I did too, at his sheer breadth,
And verily he quickly came,
In the garden Gethsemane.
With hair athwart and arse aflame,
I was laid upon his chest,
Said he in deep and tranquil sigh,
‘Dawkins, you are the best!’
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It was me that requested it, if that helps with the offensiveness levels?

And it's well worth the request. I love it. Big Grin

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was not written by a man named "Cougar"
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OK, what is it from? What's its story?

(loved it)

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hee, that's awesome Big Grin

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