neil gaiman
1.why did you write coraline?

2.did you enjoy writing it

3.how long did it take to write coraline

4.was it one of the best books you ve rittern

5.is coraline your faverate book

6.did you win any awards for writting coraline

7.what is your faverate part of the book

8.who is you favrate character in coraline

9.you you ever write another book about coraline

10.would you like to write another book about coraline
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Welcome to the Board! If I could direct you to the FAQ section you'll read some important information on how the board works and is run, and you'll also read that Neil doesn't read the boards - that link is here There is another link in there where you can direct your question to an area that Neil does read, but also understand that's he's very busy, either writing or traveling or spending time with his family, so he doesn't have time to answer every question.

As a reader, I really enjoyed Coraline. It was really creepy and scary and she was so brave. Did you enjoy reading it?

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