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Plot error in movie?
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I was really confused about this for some time, even though my friends thought that it didn't really matter. After Wybie saves Coraline, she asks why he finally believed her story. As an explaination, he then pulls out a photo of one of the ghost children, apparently related to his grandmother. But since Wybie never met any of the ghost children, how would he discover the link and believe Coraline's story? I may have just remembered the movie's details wrong, but it'd be nice to clear up.
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Coraline described the ghost children to Wybie when he came to get the doll back, identifying one with braided hair (among other things) as being Wybie's grandmother's sister. Wybie had mentioned previously that his grandmother had a sister who disappeared, as an explanation as to why his grandmother didn't want him to go into the Pink Palace ("she says it's dangerous"). When Wybie saw the picture, and how it matched Coraline's description, he realized she wasn't making the story up.

*definitely has seen Coraline too many times*
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seen coraline too many times? i sincerely doubt there's any such condition. Wink

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Maybe it's too late to make this comment.

Didn't Wybie give Coraline the doll because it looked just like her? Wasn't it in his grandmother's trunk? Coraline asks Wybie how could a doll that is "older than the house, probably" have blue hair and a rain coat just like hers. Wybie is too distracted with the slugs to think about it. But later, when he sees the photo, the doll that Mrs Lovat kept in the trunk didn't look like Coraline at all.

If he had any problem to figure out there was something wrong, the cat must have helped him connect the dots.

THAT'S watching Coraline too many times!
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