In the back of Coraline, Neil comments on the fact that he would collect old keys, and he was not sure why. I too have collected a diffrent old keys and have no idea why. I am drawn to them. I don't think I ever though about the fact, until I read it his words in the book. I have a giant old estate gate key that hangs on wall. Are Neil & I just crazy or do other people collect keys?
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There was a film that Roberto Benigni was in several years ago where he pretended to pray to the Holy Mother for a key to drop out of the sky. He was playing a trick on the girl he liked.

But the very next day, when I was crossing the street near where I lived, a key literally fell out of the sky. The practical side of me was sure it was one of the crows in the area that dropped it but there was that believer of magic side that believed that is just majestically appeared and I still have it somewhere in this house.
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I know several people who collect old keys. One friend made a nice piece of artwork out of them by simply arranging them on the wall of her apartment.

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I like old keys as well. I used to wear one wrapped with some purple cord that I found. People thought I was strange. They weren't wrong, but it took me a long time to think, "strange is a [i]good[/i[ thing."

Weeble - that sounds like an ace idea and I might just have to steal it. Smile

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I wear the key around my neck that I got from Comic-con a few years ago. We had to dig it out of the muck in the tree stump to get one. Last year I went through some very difficult times and decided that the key was a symbol of strength and I have felt better by wearing it for all these months.
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There was a hauntingly large decrepit house that was completely abandoned and fenced off. It was just behind the old train station and I never noticed it until they tore down a large wall of the station for renewals.
Late one night me and a couple fo my friends went to investigate. It wasn't hugely interesting but the place was full of paperwork and samples of metal.
We went to leave after having lost interest when I noticed that behind the house there was another building. A very very large building. A grime covered, plastic welcome sign hung slanted on thin rusted chains in the porch of the factory. All the doors were locked but as we walked around the building, up stairs and through alcoves it wasn't long until we found a window that was open.
We climbed and fell inside the dark building having to use my left sock we wrapped around a stick as a torch. It dissapointingly melted rather than burned bright but it was just about enough to see. It was as if the staff had grabbed everything they could and ran years ago. Files and folders were sprawled across the floor, cupboards were half emptied and the remaining content was dishevelled and seemed to have been slowly escaping across the floor for a long period of time. The whole building followed this pattern of colorless, dust coated remnants of a once busy factory. We found lots of keys all over the place and had great fun finding out which locks they belonged to. One key belonged to a drawer full of old shot glasses. Another to the toilets. A few belonged to the drawers in the large oak meeting table. We possitioned the table beneath the map of the world, each chose a chair, a key and a drawer and sat to plan our world domination. We filled our drawers with "important" files and tools we found inside the building. I hid the glasses we found inside mine claiming I found the key therefor I was in charge of protecting them. It was dark when we arrived and we decided it was best if we left before it was light enough for people to see us so we locked our drawers and left through the front doors for which we also found the key, locked the door behind us and hid the key on top of the welcome sign.
A few days later we saw they knocked the building down to expand the train station. I still have the key to my drawer in the now lost oak table under the burried map of the world. I wear it around my neck.

P.s. I appologise for the length of my reply. I didn't intend it to be this detailed and yet I'm sure if I had the energy I could write a great deal more
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Yup I too tend to keep keys - but it bugs me when I don't know what they are for!


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I found it odd that the same old skeleton key I found and wore around my neck for years was also worn by a model in a hair color ad. For some reason the camera cut to focus on the key for a split second and I could not process such a coincidence... It was a hair ad, why this unusual application of the same key I found and drawing specific attention to it when they're supposed to be selling red hair dye?

I love keys (particularly skeleton keys) because I am a hoarder who loves the 19th century, for Japanese Ukiyo-e, he Aesthetic Period, Japanese Lolita fashion based on Victorian clothing and the Steampunk aesthetic.
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