movie or tv?
I just finished reading AG for the third time and, ofcurse was thinking about how the adaptaion would look like, than it hit me that this book cannot be a movie, it has to be a tv series, obviously it will some problems like smaller budget and less famous cast, but than you can leave the text word to word and not cut any scene like it sould be.
what do you think?

AG should be a movie or a tv series?

shouldnt be adapted at all

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I don't think a movie would do it justice. Not so sure a tv series would either. I'm more inclined to go with 'not be adapted.'

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I'd like to vote for 'Don't Care'.

If it's ever adapted into a different medium, it's not going to wreck the book. And I don't feel it essential or imperative to be a film or series. It's not something I care about one way or the other. If it is, great, might see it. If not, then no loss.

but than you can leave the text word to word and not cut any scene like it sould be.

Sorry, but when adapting, things have to change. Dialogue that flows on the page can be awkward or ludicrous when spoken aloud. Sections may have to move to make sense in a cinematic narrative. What might be a nice little side plot in a book can be an irritating irrelevance on a screen.

Film and TV are visual mediums. You have to make changes to a written work so that that work can work on screen. It's unavoidable. An adaptation will always be different to the book, the characters will look different, the scenery be the wrong sort, the sounds will be all wrong. Because you're moving something from a world created inside the readers head to a world created in front of them. From the individual in their conspiracy with the author, to mass illusion. From private to public. So, if it were possible, an adaptation that perfectly created your vision of the book would be flawed and imperfect for another, even if not a word was changed.

And it's unfair to the work to expect it to be adapted word for word. That restricts it, that doesn't allow it to breathe in the new medium. What I'd hope for any adaptation is that it takes advantage of its new medium to tell the story in the way best suited to the medium. And you have to watch it as its own film, its own TV, its own theatre. It exists independent to the book and should be treated as such.

Many years back there was a BBC adaptation of Jayne Ayre. And one person wrote and complained that this:

Reader, I married him. A quiet wedding we had: he and I, the
parson and clerk, were alone present.

was replaced by a depiction of the wedding.

She wrote and complained that they showed a wedding. That the adaptors had decided to be unfaithful to the book.

By showing a wedding.

It might take up only one (classic) line in the book, but showing it made sense in a visual medium.

And some snotty bitch complained.

Whatever is adapted, however it's adapted, someone will be distraught over the changes that are made.

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Well, i never meant "Word to Word" literaly...
I was thinking more in the direction of not neglecting anything important, like you would have to in a movie, unless you wanna make it a 6 hours movie...

someone will always complain when you adapt a book.
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If I had to choose I'd prefer the TV series, you get more attached with the whole production. It's also a real pleasure to watch TV shows on my brand new TV screen, of course I'd go for the TV series.
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