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Cast the Movie!
OK, for a while last summer, I tried to come up with Sandman movie castings (the results are at asite if you want to take a gander, alot of the AFNG faithful contributed) its at
(cheap plug!) it hasnt been updated in aaaaaaaages (about a year). ANYHOO....
who would people cast in various roles in AG? My two favourites for very different reasons for Shadow would be a) Benicio Del Toro or B) Vin Diesel. what do you think? Wednesday=Ian McKellen, maybe? or is that to easy?
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Cool. I think I like Steve Buscemi as Mad Sweeney better than Sean Bean, although he is a little short ofr the part. I could see Jerry Stiller as Czernobog, but I still like Christopher Walken better. I definitely like Bebe Neuwirth as Zorya, with aging makeup (but you probably only thought of it because of Snow, Glass, Apples).
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How about Buscemi as Loki?

Kevin Spacey as Wednesday?

Martin Landau as Czernobog...using his raspy Bela Lugosi drawl.
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my vote for irritating mouth action would be katie holmes, compounded by eye-rolling action. but i never noticed that about samantha mathis. hmmm...

* quasi-me *
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again with a vote for Vin Diesel... just couldn't picturre anyone else throughout the whole book...

problem with Tim Roth as Loki tho' - you'd need someone inconspicuous but memorable since Loki is pretty much in the background most of the time...
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I had to join in on this one.

The person I had in my mind the whole time for Wednesday was Guy Rolfe (Puppet Master III, 4, and 5 (yes, it does change from roman numerals to regular numbers)).

And, although this is feeding my own ego, other people who have read the book say that they had me in mind for Loki.

Although I would much rather be considered more distinguished than that.

Oh well.
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My thoughts:

Wednesday = Ian McKellen

Sam = Neve Campbell.

Mr Town/Wood/Stone/Road/etc = Tommy Lee Jones playing them all. He is *the* nameless government agent for me.

Mad Sweeney = Robert Carlyle - I just think he could pull it off well...

Czernobog = Christopher Walken

Buffalo God Voice = James Earl Jones

Loki/Low Key = James Marsters (Spike from Buffy)
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No, we've got a good sized European population here too. You should check out the World's End some time.
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Originally posted by SaintNightWalker:

-=- Saint NightWalker -=-
Patron Saint of the Sinning

You aren't the only one. In fact I dug out this thread just because I wanted to make the comment that I think Billy Zane would be perfect for the role. I saw some of Zoolander the other day and Billy had a cameo in it, as soon as I saw him I was like "holy crap! that's shadow!" He matched the picture I had in my head perfectly without me even realizing it till then.
And Hopkins would make a great Wednesday, he's the only actor I could see pulling off Wednesday's menacing smile without looking like an ass.
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Here we go:

Shadow - Vin Diesel (yes, a lot of you don't
like him and think he's way too
"macho" but it does say in the book
he looks very "don't fuck with me"
and who else but diesel has that
going for him? as for the "easy
going" part of shadow, i always
thought that although he looks mean
he has this low-key, easygoing-ness
to him)

Wednesday - Christopher Walken

Loki - Tim Roth or James Marsters (LOVE him!)

Laura - Jennifer Connelly

Sam - MAYBE Eliza Dushku (bite me!)

Bast - Salma Hayek (like in Dust till Dawn)

Mad Sweeney - Tim Buscemi

Fat Kid - SO a fattened Seth Green

and that's pretty much everyone i can think of right now.
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Vin Diesel is too obviously the choice for Shadow. He's got the body, the racial ambiguity, and the talent, and just because he's usually bald doesn't mean he can't do it. There are wonderful things being done with wigs these days!

Also, the Rip Torn idea for Wednesday is perfect too but I think a lot of other actors could play Wed, unlike Shadow who is begging to much to be played by Vin.

Everyone else is a toss up.

As for directors? M. Night Shyamalan comes to mind. Also Peter Jackson and Ang Lee, but only because I like them right now. A big no to Steven Spielberg, who could do a great job but wouldn't have enough respect for the property. (Shadow can't be played by Tom Cruise. He deserves a good actor!)

--Ryuu wishes he were played by Vin Diesel.
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I think thora Birch or Lee Lee Sobieski as Sam
thing is if you've seen "my first Mister" with Lee Lee you'd die she is so good, as this cynical gothic teen who grows out of her shell as the story goes on and the finished product character is very sam like...anyway Laura needs to be like so beautiful you get scared looking at her. So if people could put up with Shannon Doerity i'd say a weak maybe but she is all i can think of right now...being that im in class
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Originally posted by dreamer:
i'd go with rip torn for wednesday, vin diesel for shadow, and ossie davis as mr. nancy. Smile

somehow, i can't imagine natalie portman as lesbian, even if i do think she's a good actress.

what about a dark-haired (like Pump Up the Volume) samantha mathis as sam?

I like Natalie Portman as Sam, she's how I pictured her, and I think she could play a lesbiam. I love Sam, she was my favorite character in the book.

"Writers are liars my dear, surely you know that by now?" -Neil Gaiman
"Everything is but a dream within a dream" -Edgar Allen Poe

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I just can't top Vin Diesel as Shadow. C'mon, he's good. I pictured him as Dolarhyde in "Red Dragon."

Seth Green as the technical boy was a good try, but the tech boy is fat and geeky, not cool at all. So I'm thinking Jack Osbourne.
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The Rock!!! or Lenny Kravitz!! (for Shadow)
Jack Osborn as technical boy would be great!

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Alright, enough with the Diesel.
For Shadow, I pictured this guy I who comes around my coffee shop from time to time. He's half Souix, I think, and Half White. He also spent some time in jail, and he's tall. He's also about the same age as Shadow. But seeing as how none of you know him, it's a mute point.

Anyways, here are the few I came up with. Keep in mind the ages of the Gods themselves and who would be older than who, but Make-up these days . . . Also, AMERICAN gods. That means, they've PROBABLY lost their accents, except in the cases noted like Czernobog, the Zoras, & Nancy.

Laura- Iben Hjejle (she's got the whole attitude of Laura, and could probably look dead very well)

Mr Town- Val Kilmer (he plays an excellant villian)

Wednesday- Tom Waits (He's EXACTLY who I thought of when I was reading it, and he's a surprisingly good actor. He's got the voice down, and he's the right build for him, too.)

Czernobog- Rip Torn (Again, great choice for the movie, but Rip, himself, acts more like Czernobog than any other actor I've seen!)

Zora(s)- Phyllis Diller (doing all 3 roles, with different hair)

Mr. Nancy- Bill Cosby (especially now that he's kinda becoming resentful of the youth these days, plus he's an AMAZING Story teller)

Mr. Ibis- Ben Kingsly (Perfect attitude, charm, personality, the whole deal)

Mr. Jaquel- Samual Jackson (made to look much older)

Bast- Pam Grier (Aged to perfection)

Easter- Bette Midler (she's got that Earth Mother vibe to her at times, and keep in mind that comment she makes about her Thighs)

Mad Sweeney- DENNIS LEARY (I can't BELIEVE people didn't think of him! A Tall, foul mouthed IRISHMAN? Leary ALL the way)

Loki- Gary Oldman (His mouth LOOKS like it's been sewed together a couple times, plus there's no one who does better violent death scenes covered in Blood)

Sam- Anne Hathaway (Just cuz I want to see her do something that's not all goody-two-shoes)

Margarite- Julianne Margolis (Young, Raven haired woman bitter at the world so young)

The Techno Kid- Wayne Night (Ok, so he's older, but can't you just imagine him oozing black stuff and smoking when killed?)

Media- Lisa Ling (I always saw Media as being asian newscaster, don't know why)

Bilquis- Angela Basset (she needs to be in something good these days)

Whiskey Jack- ? (nobody else here's come up with anybody, but I thought I'd bring him up)

John Chapman- Pat Buttram (Alright, alright, he's dead. But still, his voice fit the character so well! *Mr. Haney from Green Acres)

the man in the charcoal colored suit- David Bowie (I know that ____ isn't English, or have any lines written in the book that are heard, so I figure Why not?)

Chad Milligan- Martin Sheen (I don't know why everybody's forgotten about Chad on here, but yeah.)

Hinzelman- Mel Brooks (Although I liked the idea of him being Czernobog, he's the right age to play him, and Looks it too)

Delirium- Tori Amos (if you read it carefully, you pick up her cameo, and I think it would just be a great nod to Neil seeing as how he based her off of Tori)

Alright, that's all I got.

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Whiskey Jack: Graham Greene (Northern Exposure, Thunderheart, Mr. Crabby Tree)

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Originally posted by chriskilljoy:
Just a thought for shadow: Thomas jane from Punisher? Tall, dark, brooding, and sorta stoic.

And i just gotta say it, tho i dont know if he can act, but he is MAD...

Garth Ennis for Mad Sweeney?

The guy from the punisher kinda cool, anyone notice he looks a bit like christopher lamber? just younger and buffer
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Mad Sweeney is definitely Philip Seymour Hoffman (sort of in his Cold Mountain role).

Hilary Swank maybe as Sam? Though Sam would be a bit younger, but I imagine her with that sort of masculine-looking face.

Bernard Hill (Theoden in LotR) as Wednesday, but a little bulkier.

Monica Bellucci (Persephone in The Matrix) as Bilquis.

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