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Cast the Movie!
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My Expensive Dream Cast:

Wednesday - Jeff Bridges
Shadow - Ben Affleck
Mr Nancy - Bernie Mac
Mr Ibis - James Cromwell
Mr Jacquel - Josh Brolin
Bast - Natalie Portman
Czernobog - Christopher Walken
Mad Sweeney - Michael Fassbender
Laura - Rebecca Hall
Hinzelmann - Anthony Hopkins
The Technical Boy - Michael Cera
Media - Reece Witherspoon
Mr World/Loki - Bryan Cranston
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Lagomorphic wannabe
Picture of Motley
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Shadow - Jason Mamoa?
It would make compelling viewing for me anyway Smile


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He's an interesting prospect.

My dream Shadow casting is Vin Diesel, but I'll settle for the poor man's Vin Diesel aka Coby Bell.
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