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My EPQ mentor has hinted that I will get marks for discussing the show being made out of the book and its raison d'etre given our current socio-political climate.
Other than the fact that the world is politically disastrous, can anyone come up with some nuggets of wisdom as to why now is the right time for the show, or any clever clogs kind of stuff which might be relevant to discuss about the show?

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Speaking in an entertainment sense, the show will likely fill a void left by Game of Thrones, most especially since GoT's next season is delayed until the summer. AG's diversity and mythological representation of a variety of cultures could appeal to a broader number of potential viewers, especially since the representation is not disparaging of those cultures. Additionally, aspects of the narrative in some ways echoes what is happening now (because what we are seeing in the current socio-political climate has to be a long-con of Loki and Odin, surely). What will be interesting is if the show ends up nudging some of its viewers to re-engage with those cultures. The new gods (media, technology, etc.) played a role in the current environment. In the aftermath we now find ourselves in, some might seek to reconnect with their roots in an effort to restore balance.

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