Wednesday and Odin
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Hey there, I am new here... i've looked through some of the posts, and I wasn't seeing something that I thought was BRILLIANT at the end of the book.

When Shadow is in Iceland, and he meets Odin, Odin tells him, "He was me, but I'm not him." or something like that.

Then it hit me... These Gods are alive and are based on peoples belief/acknowledgement. Easter is thriving, not because she is understood, but because "Easter" is known, right?

So check this out... Wednesday is english for Wodon's day, or Odin's day. It's the closest thing to the norse pantheon most American's GET right? So... Wednesday ISN'T actually Odin... he's the Americanized VERSION of odin... which of course made him more power hungry, and less wise, and more scheemy.

In Iceland, where Norse pantheon would be more understood, Odin himself appears, AS he SHOULD appear, Obviously less Americanized. So when he says that line... it's like showing that Wednesday is an American shadow (no pun intended) of Odin, Not Odin himself... "He was me... but I'm not him" (or whatever,)

This would tie in to the title even more, because it's not just the "new gods" vs the "old gods"

Wednesday himself was an "American God". All of them really, seemed a bit Americanized, but it would take a while to go through it all.

Basically, they were ALL American gods... Not just the "new" gods.

This may be all old hat for you guys, but... when I saw this... Mind... Blown.

Please let me know what you think.
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