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soundtrack for AG
Clinically abnormal
Picture of Priest.
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Fighting Mad Sweeny- Devil's Dance Floor - Flogging Molly

Sitting in the Hotel Room after meeting techboy, right before he sees her- Ain't No Sunshine - Lenny Kravitz version

Immigrant Song must be placed in there somewhere, also.

Kareoke Bar after the Storm- Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood - Either version

The rest would have to be a symphonic collection, or just be cheesy and over the top, completely out of character with the story.


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I absolutely 34958394589349805385% agree that Immigrant Song must play.

Verdi - Requiem dies ires mass
I can picture this song playing during the narrative about the viking group coming to America. D:

Queen - Another One Bites the Dust
For when Techno Kid runs around killing Gods.

The Mamas and the Papas - San Francisco
Should play for like two seconds when they go to San Fran.
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TORI AMOS "Crucify" - for when he's on the Vigil Tree.

PHANTOM PLANET "California" - A good song for a road trip montage when they're heading to see Easter.

ORFF "O Fortuna" - It's gotta be there somewhere.

THE CRANBERRIES "Do You Remember" - I dunno where this would go.

JAY-Z "Dirt Off Your Shoulders" - The Tech Boys theme song, clearly.

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I'm surpised no one has mentioned Tori Amos's Scarlett's Walk yet! Maybe it's me, but that whole cd is like a soundtrack for AG.
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"We Are Nowhere and It's Now" by Bright Eyes, from I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning.

I just finnished listening to the recorded book's AG yesterday and then I heard the Bright Eyes song on the radio this morning and it is a perfect fit. Talking about the stars goind out, the guy just sounds like someone who wants to be left alone, to go for a walk, and think about things. Then he is given a broach or pin which picks him up and he decides to wear it for good luck... perfect dont you think?
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okies, also new (heh heh). apologies if i repeat anyone; i'm writing in a rush and didn't have time to scan. *sorry!!* here are my thoughts...

stairway to heaven - Led zeppelin (weird and wonderful)

tender trip on earth - Tristania (listen and you'll understand)

god is god - juno reactor (only a joke; don't hit me)

there're probably more but i can't think of them now

(btw if i find out that anyone has suggested linkin park i'll shoot them. when looking for AMVs on youtube all i can ever find is linkin park. it's been done to death and then been pushed even further and i hate it)

because there's not enough time for me to fangirl over everyone in the world...
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Considering I spent most of AG (the first reading at least) listening to The Gloves album Blue Sunshine, I can only suggest that certain songs would have to be in there somewhere.
Particularly "The man from nowhere" during the carousel/fading into inside Odin's mind.

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Vienna Teng's "An Athiest Christmas Carol" always makes me think of Laura. (Live recording on Youtube.)
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"Open" by Cowboy Junkies. Not quite sure why. It just seems to fit.
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I'm re-reading American Gods, and one band whose music I think would really suit the movie of this book is Alabama Three. Something about their sound really fits with the expansive feeling I get from this book.
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Living on a Thin Line (opening credits) - The Kinks

Brothers in Arms - Dire Straits

Agree with Flogging Molly for Mad Sweeney Fight

Seed of Memory - Terry Reid

Another Day - Roy Harper
(maybe during recollections of Laura)

Gimme Shelter - The Rolling Stones (maybe overused, but still fitting for the "war" and a kick ass, stirring song)

Great idea for a thread, op. Will be thinking of more.
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"nightmare"- avenged sevenfold
"welcome to the machine"- pink floyd
"hear me now"- hollywood undead
for when Shadow has to hang from the tree and go through the Truths

"the crow and the butterfly"- shinedown
"i need a doctor"- eminem ft. dr. dre and skylar grey
"my immortal (rock version)"- evanescence
Laura's funeral; Shadow's overall mood following Wednesday's death

"love the way you lie"- eminem ft. rihanna
Shadow's initial attitude towards Laura when he found out she was cheating on him with Robbie

"vampire heart"- H.I.M.
Laura's visits to Shadow following her funeral

"the catalyst"- linkin park
"storm to pass"- atreyu
the overall mood of the book leading up to the battle between the gods

"the watcher"- enslaved
to me, this song totally fits the ending

i'll edit this as often as i see fit.

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Mr. Sandman
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This is what I hear when I read the book:
a) 200 More Miles (Ryan Adams cover of the Cowboy Junkies)
b) Punk Rock Girl by the Dead Milkmen
c) Houses of The Holy (Zep) for Anubis and Horus
d) Townes Van Zandt's "If I Needed You" (sung by Emmylou Harris (For Laura)
e) Cross Road Blues by Robert Jordan (Or Me and The Devil)
f) Mars, The Bringer of War (for the battle)
g) Home by Marc Broussard
h) Hurt by Johnny Cash (via Trent Reznor)
i) Roll Away Your Stone by Mumford & Sons
j) Sympathy For The Devil - Stones (no Guns and Roses, please)

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good call on the dead's been a long time (if this is the 10th anniversary then it's been 10 years) since i've read the where would you put it?

and i didnt even realize g n r did sympathy for the devil, then i looked it up and there it was, interview with the vampire soundtrack...weird

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so where would you put it?

Sammi... probably at the bar where she kisses Shadow.
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Actually, I'll even edit my own list. Forget Emmylou's version of If I Needed You... go for a live version of Townes. One that sounds that it comes from an old 45.
It would be perfect for Laura's funeral.
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Only sounds like Keith Flint
Picture of Rob!
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so not acctually what this thread was about but...

I've started downloading the songs mentioned in the american gods book and am making a playlist out of them. I'm only three songs in so far, as I've just started rereading it.
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