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Does anyone live at or near any of the locations in the book?
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Originally posted by Chlisher:
*excited* Lots of Minnesotans! And they actually read! Gaiman!

I live about 30 minutes from Minneapolis, which I believe Shadow and Wednesday pass through towards the end of the book.

Speaking of Minnesota... I've heard Minnesotans are the only people who measure distance in "minutes" rather than "miles." It always seemed more convenient to me...

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Well I feel privileged. I have lived in two places near some of the locations mentioned in American Gods and have also visited a few of the cities. I live in Milwaukee, WI for about nine years and my grandparents have a house in the land-o-lakes area that i still visit every once in a blue moon. I spent three months living in Chattanooga working downtown. an old family friend use to live on lookout moutain and i stayed with him. I also got to visit Chicago a lot and since my uncle lived near San Fransisco i got to spend some time there too. I have really vivid memories of these places and it just made the book that much more enjoyable and enveloping.
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It seems to me Lakeside bears a striking resemblance to Hayward, WI. It also is a bit over 2 hours north of La Crosse, WI.
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Hey, does anyone know where the barn-like eatery/restaurant place with a Bankrupt and Liquidated Stock Clearance Depot out back is?

The front bit where they serve food has fried chicken and an All-U-Can-Eat lunch buffet ($4.99). It's either in Chicago or East St Louis.
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I am from Southwest Wisconsin, location of Black Earth, Spring Green (the home of Frank Lloyd Wright and his architectural studio), The House on the Rock, the "Barn" where Mr. Wednesday had dinner with the gods after the House on The Rock meeting. (The Barn, lastly known as Barn 23 burned to the ground in February of 2017) and Muscoda.

Ten miles directly south of the Barn is Mineral Point, home of a Cornish lead mining community dating from the 1820s - a hundred years after Essie Tregowan came to America. Cousin Jacks would have been encountered there, especially in the mines overlooking the Pendarvis cottages. "By Tre Pol and Pen / Shall ye know all Cornishmen." Local legend has it the the mines - now abandoned - were inhabited by Tommyknockers. The Cornish believed Tommyknockers were the souls of the Jews who crucified Christ and were sent by the Romans to work as slaves in the tin mines. This belief was so strong that the Tommyknockers were allegedly never heard on Saturdays, nor at times of Jewish festivals. When the mines played out, the Tommyknockers found "work” in the homes surrounding the old mineshafts. Many a family death or disaster has been foretold by a knocking in the house.

It seems odd that Mr. Wednesday would have not gone to Mount Horeb from Madison, a mere five miles south of Black Earth. Mount Horeb was a primarily Norwegian settlement and its main street is infested with huge trolls. Mount Horeb is the mountain at which the book of Deuteronomy states that the Ten Commandments were given to Moses by God. Perhaps that's the reason Wednesday avoided it.

Culver's "Home of the Butter Burger" is a restaurant chain founded in Sauk City, on the Wisconsin River, located between Black Earth and Spring Green. Sauk City is the home of the Arkham House, keeper of Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos.

In the audio version of American Gods, Muscoda is pronounced as "Mus-koo-dah." The correct, local pronunciation is "Mus-kaa-day."

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