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Little bits in Sandman you really like
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I've only read up to Dream country. And so far was when Dream's head was popping out of the dolls houses window smiling. Or at least it looked like he was smiling.
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Right after Dream kills Orpheus, and the blood is dripping onto the ground, and as Dream's walking away a bunch of red flowers are growing. Despair, I think, picks one and gives it to Desire.
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Well, it may not be from "Sandman," exactly, but in "Death: the High Cost of Living" I love when Death asks Sexton if people eat hotdogs just for the chemical aftertaste, or if that's just an added bonus.

In "The Kindly Ones" I love when Dream gives Matthew a 'penney for his thoughts.'

And in "Seasons of Mists" when Dream tells Death that she's 'had the sense to dress up for the occasion,' and Death sticks out her tongue at her brother.

The story "A Parliment of Rooks," when Cain tells the boy about the mystery of the rooks, and in the end Able reveals that it's because the rook in the middle is telling a story. It just depends whether or not the other birds like it.

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Any scene with Mervyn Pumpkinhead, but his final scene in The Kindly Ones is my favourite 'A pumpkin with a gun!' His cockiness is brilliant.
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The bit with Hob in the 1800s where he says, "If you show up in a hundred years' time, it's because we're friends" and then on the next page, Dream shows up and says "I've heard it is rude to keep one's friends waiting" always gets me.
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Love the bit in Brief Lifes, when Dream goes into Del's realm, and that inchoherrent tale that is told in the background.

But the first thing that I remember reading from the series, was the beginning of Seasons of Mists, when the Endless has a family gathering. Just to see how the most powerful entities in the universe act as a family, really got to me.

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After Lyta's baby has been taken, she stares into a mirror. Over the course of three frames she stares into it and her face literally begins to come apart, as the lines in the drawing dissapate and fragment.

It's a stunning moment.

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I just have always loved the way the plot threads involving Lyta and how Desire wants dream to take family blood. I remember when it all culminated in The Kindly Ones, how amazed I was, that all these things which were set into motion in the first & second volumes, came together in the end. I guess that's not such a little thing... I really like the whole Calliope story... is that little enough?
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Gilbert. Gaiman led me to GK Chesterton through him, and he was one of the kindest, gentlest characters amongst a whole heap of bastards (loveable bastards though). His death in particular makes me cry every time, especially the 'kiss on the cheek from a friend', and how accepting he is of it.
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The end of Preludes and Nocturnes, The Sound of Her Wings. Death comes up to dream, who's feeding the birds. She says he could have asked her for help, he says he didn't want to bother her... and then all Hell breaks loose.

Any scene with Nuala and Dream, her getting acknowledged or lack-thereof. Cleaning the throne room.

Endless Nights: Desire's story. She grows old and with the final scene, "And somebody said... that it burned... like a forest fire."

Endless Nights: Delirium's story. I'd die for that artwork alone. What can I say, though? That whole story was remarkable.

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Many of mine (such as the the riddle of the rooks and Morpheus's "rude to keep friends waiting), but I'd just like to add:

Gilbert's version of Little Red Riding Hood, told to Rose

Abel's "A puh-point of view!" in The Wake

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Hmm ... Spoiler alert of course.

I really liked the story of Nada and Dream in the beginning of The Doll's House, and how those green crystalline hearts will play such a role later on in the book -- at least as symbols. Though it does make me wonder exactly who the first Dream Nexus was.

I also liked how the Cuckoo won, and the addition of the Thessalian's cold and methodical blood magic in A Game of You.

Then there was the funeral procession in The Worlds' End, and the interesting addition of the Lithurge knowledge in reference to the nature of the Endless.

On that roll, I also like how Cain keeps secrets and Abel keeps mysteries, or so is the distinction from what I remember in Fables and Reflections. I know they are earlier characters from older series, but I really like how they resonated in Sandman to this regard and in retrospect.

I can't forget, however, the Key to Hell in Season of Mists. It's an image that will stay with me for a very long time.

*Feels like he is forgetting something*

I loved Destruction's story in Endless Nights, as well as Dream's story. The last explains a lot about him. And how, in the former story, Destruction is never as far away as he seems to be.

I also really like the addition of the Dreamstones -- from the Ruby to the Eagle's Emerald. I'm to also remember if there was another one in A Game of You in The Land.

Then there was Dream's very efficient Machiavellian scheme that unfolded all the way into The Kindly Ones.

But what I think really got to me was the conversation that Destruction remembers having with Death in Brief Lives, where she tells him that everyone can know exactly what Destiny knows and more, but they choose not to.

I also appreciate Mikal Gilmore's introduction to The Wake where he states that in answer to Delirium's question in Brief Lives there is a word for when you forget about making love to someone that is no longer with you. "It is called mercy."

That should be all, I think. Smile

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The very last panel in Preludes and Nocturnes when Dream starts to rebuild his kingdom. "I throw the grain into the air and I hear it... the sound of her wings."

Oh also, earlier in that issue when she first takes someone away (I think it's the old Jewish guy) and Dream hears the sound of mighty wings beating, and you see a great big black wing across the page. I love the art in that issue. Mostly it's quite realistic and straight-forward, then suddenly you have this montage of surreal images all blended together when the two of them are walking around the city.

I also like the old song about death.


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Wow, I love this thread. I just got Absolute Sandman Vol IV today so I felt like meandering around in the Forums here, I seldom do because I don't have all that much free time.

Anyway, someone posted that awesome YouTube video URL and they're right - now I want to read the whole thing all over again!

I love the Nada-Dream story line, especially the tender ending. I loved Dream and Bast in the desert, I loved Nuala, poor little thing - oh heck, there's hardly a page of this epic that doesn't have something wonderful on it! The African story of "men's language" and "women's language" and wouldn't I love to see the story of the latter! The Fashion Thing! lol

Ramadan...The Sound of Her Wings...Litharge - when I glanced through that story when I first got it, I thought, yuck, zombies, gruesome violence - and then it turned out those cadaverous folk were so noble and *human*!

Thanks for reminding me of all those great things, everyone!
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That youtube vid WAS amazing. Anyhoo, A little-little thing I like as someone with an MA in history is in The Wake when Hob is at the Renfaire complaining about it got history all wrong. I love the whole Hob storyline, actually.

Like many, I love the end of "Preludes & Nocturnes." I love Lucien and Matthew and the "Parliment of Rooks" story.

Oooooh. Shakespeare. I adore the Shakespeare stories.

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In Season of Mists where Dream throws the key to hell to the floor.

Daniel and Lyta's reunion. I loved that panel where he kisses her on the forehead. Smile

The Corinthian saying "Say hello to Matthew, Daniel."
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Oh yeah! And whenever Morpheus overhears Merv Pumpkinhead's less-than-polite comments about him. XD Daniel talking with Destruction, the confrontation scene between Dream and Desire in Doll's House, and when the Corinthian nearly kills Matthew with the penknife before Daniel summons the Nybbas are all favorites.
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When in "Brief Lives" Dream meets Bastet - I like the very setting of the Bubastis city. - my Sandman and other fanfics Smile
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issue 59 the "Now young man, onto the nice fire" panel
and of course
issue 62 the whole story that the Amelia, Magda and Helena tell Rose is my favourite part in the whole run

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"I am hope" in the battle of the demon and dream. that sent shivers down my spine. it's kinda connected to the line in the wake: "all dreams are hopes"

when death scolds dream in "the sound of her wings" XD and death gushing about mary poppins and saying "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!" with dream going, "What?"

matthew's view of dream as his best friend. and the "please" that he inserted while dream gave his last instructions to him.

gilbert's death. heart breaking. he was so sweet.

how delirium changes clothes everytime. and how dream's clothes changes every century during his meeting with rob gadling.

gaiman's take on midsummer night's dream. marvelous. especially puck.

when larissa told her affair with dream on the wake, and she said that she'll never shed a tear for him again while she was, in fact, in tears at that moment.

when abel was talking to goldie about the tale of two brothers who love each other very much and never hurt each other, you could feel abel's love for cain, despite the latter's treatment of him.

and...the little dream, deat, cain and abel in the story abel told to daniel.

a lot more, but that's it for now.
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