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Some 40 years ago Harlan played our hand-made Cosmic Encounter game prototype. We then self published Cosmic and I went to the '78 World Con in Phoenix and gave him the new Cosmic. He thanked us for rescuing him from having to play the cheesy prototype! Then gave us this quote to use on the Cosmic box for the next printing:

(Cosmic Encounter) is a teeth-gritting, mind-croggling, marvelously demanding exercise in 'what if?'

He was the first real pro to give us a shout out. I never forgot it. I kept his letter.

This past memorial day I had just returned from The Museum of Science Fiction's Escape Velocity Con where our publisher (Fantasy Flight games) announced the 42nd Anniversary Special Edition of Cosmic Encounter. It turns out that Cosmic Encounter was the Answer...to...Everything.

It brought Harlan to mind as I had his letter in our 42 years of Cosmic archive in our booth, for the fans. I sent him a letter about our new edition along with a copy of his wonderful endorsement thanking him again for his early support.

Alas he died three days after I sent the note. I was so struck by your connection to him as a young writer decades after his mind-croggle for us. He was genuine to the core.


Peter Olotka
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