it's about time....
It's about time - at least for me to say thank you. All of you, whoever feels responsible. Big Grin
Thank you for the music, the books, the films, the information overkill ideas.... Smile And my regards to the prince of stories. I hope he is well and alive and dreaming of nice thingies.
I'm a little late with this, I think. But better late than never. There were some minor incidents lately, I'm afraid. Smile
But today I felt I should drop by and leave a message. And say thanks for everything.
That's all, I think. I have to find my fishies. Smile Or was it a dog? Maybe a little white stray. Whatever.... I'm really looking forward to the new calendar. In February... Wink Bad time for sales. But who cares?
We should all work on our patience, I think. Smile
Good night, sleep well, have pleasant dreams.
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