In Aus theres a show called rage going from midnight till morning (its really long, i only watched till 1 30) and all it is is music videos. Last night Neil and Amanda were the programmers and I have to say they have excellent taste in music. WHat made the program though, was how cute Neil and Amanda were being together. neil complained about the camera veering off him and onto Amanda while she did erie impressions of lady in the radiator he zoomed in onto her cleavage at one point while they were explaining why a certain video was so awesome. (pervy cameraman but then it is a late night show so he can probably get away with it)

Great songs, great people.Shout here if you saw it.

*"the wall had it coming"
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I was at a gig and I got home too late to see the hosting bits. I hope they put them online.

RAGE is the best show in Australia
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